"One thing that really jumped out at me is their rabid criticism of Councilman Bob Ford"

Submitted on 2014/05/04 at 3:15 pm
by: Leo Tetros  …..

voicesMy wife and I recently moved to Port Orange from Bergen County New Jersey after I sold my plumbing business and decided to retire. Its nice to be down here in sunny Florida as this warm weather sure takes the bite out of my arthritis. I used to be quite active in civic matters and community affairs in the municipality I lived and worked in, and as a matter of fact, I served on their city council for 3 terms. Once I become more familiar with the issues in Port Orange and earn the respect of the community, it would be an honor now that I am retired to serve in some capacity and perform my civic duty. I have been attending numerous council meetings and faithfully watching these meetings on government access television on Tuesday nights.
I was introduced to the Cub Reporter political forum and have become particularly interested in the Woodman Report and the various posts associated with it. I was a master plumber for many years and owned my own business up north. Prior to this I was a municipal employee for my community for about 15 years holding the position of city plumber. I worked for a city that compensated its employees well, cultivated long term dedicated employees, and expected excellence in performance from all their people. The community got to know the employees on a first name basis and took pride that they had the best workforce in Bergen County.
After reading all of Mr. Woodman’s posts in context, it appears that he is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable man in the Public Utilities field. His description of some of the deficiencies in operation he has witnessed and has been suppressed to disclose are probably the case. I say this because from the perspective of my plumbing background all that he has said is accurate. Naturally someone would have to confirm and verify his observations, but the consistency and accuracy of what he has disclosed would lead me to believe that where there is smoke there is fire. I hope that our public officials make a concerted effort to make contact with this gentleman, and in a non-threatening environment allow him to provide full details and connect the dots on all of the current problems in public utilities. Those facts and details of the current problems obviously appear to be obfuscated and sidelined by those that are in charge of them presently.
What has been particularly interesting is that a number of individuals have been posting responses to Mr. Woodman calling him a thief and a liar, blogging their fellow worker’s names with personal attacks, and trashing the same public officials and prominent citizens that pay their salaries. What they do not seem to realize is that Mr. Woodman has not identified them by name or attacked them personally, but has simply identified major screw-ups in capital projects and operations that just might come under their responsibility. Instead of identifying themselves and intelligently debunking the revelations that Mr. Woodman has made (that is providing these revelations are not true) they have remained anonymous and embarked on a slander campaign which includes Mr. Woodman, other named colleagues, councilmen, and private citizens on city committees.
The one thing that really jumped out at me is their rabid criticism of the District 1 Councilman Bob Ford. It would be one thing if they expressed an intelligent argument against a particular position that this councilman takes, but instead they talk about him being knocked off his high horse. I watch the council meetings on a regular basis, and I can honestly say that Mr. Ford is the most intelligent public official that we have that makes a concerted effort to get down to the bottom of things. It is interesting that his platform of transparency and accountability has so disquieted these few posters that have so rabidly attacked Mr. Woodman and his revelatory report.
I did a little research through reading all of the relevant posts to the Woodman Report and the associated replies. It is abundantly clear that anyone that applies a little critical thinking can connect the dots as I have. The anonymous posters who slander Mr. Woodman, other employees, and public officials never provide a coherent counter argument that debunks any of Mr., Woodman’s assertions. They spend an inordinate amount of time criticizing him, other employees, and public officials without any explanation or intelligent dialogue. There attacks are personal attacks that have no supporting facts or details. They always respond personally and viciously to a revelation that Mr. Woodman makes about deficiencies in projects and operations that they are possibly directly responsible for.
What they are too ignorant to understand is that in so doing this they have effectively revealed to a reasonable degree of certainty their actual identities. By their responses, and by their association to the deficiencies that Mr. Woodman has identified, and their areas of responsibility, they have effectively named themselves. I will be kind enough to refrain from elaboration, but I went on the city website to connect a name to these individuals. It does not take a rocket scientist to know what their positions and areas of responsibility that they are in and the salaries that they are being paid by public officials and the taxpayers to carry out these responsibilities professionally. These are the same individuals that instead of addressing the issues and defending their credibility in the open are slandering Mr. Woodman, other fellow employees, councilmen, and dedicated citizen volunteers who’s sole purpose is to see to it that there is transparency and accountability in city government and to recognize and reward value among employees that are dedicated to these principals.
WE would not tolerate a high ranking administrative employee slandering fellow employees, councilmen, city committee members, and private citizens in the community where I came from. People at that level of management should not post personal attacks anonymously but they should come forward identify themselves and address the issues transparently and refrain from personal attacks. I am sure that the District 1 Councilman knows exactly who they are and does not appreciate the anonymous personal attacks that have been perpetrated against him, as well as other employees and private citizens.
As far as the Woodman Report goes,” if the shoe fits wear it”. If the shoe does not fit you can identify yourself, come forward, and debunk that which you feel is not true. In the mean time, I feel that you owe an apology to Mr. Woodman, many of your fellow employees, Ted Noftall, Hank Springer, and especially Bob Ford. Private citizens place much more credibility on what Mr. Woodman has shared than you think, and are anxiously awaiting for you to shed your presumed anonymity and account for yourself


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