Remember, The drip drip drip of revelation finally brought down the Nixon White House

FreedomInformationWhat I know from recent past experience is this city will move off dead center and make an effort to resolve problems when they think that data being uncovered is “actionable”. Or when they think that you just will not give up trying to uncover what is actionable. The only way to get that data is through Freedom of Information Act requests from the City. Documents uncovered by FOIA requests stand on their own merit. We can all read them and draw our own conclusions. Those documents can then be evaluated by counsel who can say go forward with this legally or continue to publish them in the court of public opinion. The drip drip drip of revelation finally brought down the Nixon White House.
Throwing dirt in the air…on either side…muddies the issues for the average citizen…no one knows who to believe….its why we all hate politics, politicians and no longer trust our government institutions. Its a classic oppo technique as Mark Schaefer alluded to so well in his letter to Council. And it benefits the status quo. And entrenched power.
Lets keep it to the facts. Slandering or libelling our opponents feels great in the short term, but it is ultimately ineffective. Demand that your questions be answered. And keep demanding that they be answered. Ask for related city documents. Government must be accountable to the people paying for it. I cannot take my “investment” and go somewhere else. I am captive to this city and so is my wallet.
I choose not to remain anonymous. I am retired and have that luxury. I know that others may not be so well situated.
Dianne Templeton Gardner
618 Ruth Street
Port Orange, Florida 32127

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