5 Month delay in getting tree permit

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Dear Mr. Kisela,
I am writing this to you in hopes that you can help me.  We started the tree permit process back in December 2013 for the removal of a historic oak tree located in my community.  On December 11, 2013 an Arborist sent by the City of Port Orange came to the property to inspect the tree in question.  This particular tree is leaning over a manufactured home and the tree roots have destroyed our sidewalk and has now gone across the street (2 car lanes) and into the adjacent properties, causing more property damage and putting us liable for injuries.  We are a 55+ community and several of the residents rely on electric wheelchairs, scooters and bicycles for their transportation and these raised roots are dangerous.
The reason I am writing to you is that we have been waiting since December to hear if we are going to get the permit to remove this tree.  We were supposed to be on the City Council Meeting Agenda in March, but for some reason we did not make it.  Now April has passed and from my last conversation with Margaret Monberger, we are supposed to be on the agenda for May 27th City Council Meeting.  Is there any way you can make sure that we are on the agenda and that this case gets heard?  I believe 5 months is a long time to wait for this issue to be resolved.
Thank you for your time and anticipated understanding in resolving this issue in a more timely manner.
Micki  Brooks
Community General Manager
Lamplighter MHC
3202 South Nova Road

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