Port Orange dogs accused of attacking, killing other dog not confiscated


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PORT ORANGE, Fla. —A Port Orange family wants to know why the dogs that killed their beloved Chihuahua have not been confiscated from their owners.
According to Port Orange police, the two dogs that killed the Chihuahua on Friday on Bayview Lane got loose, and it isn’t the first time. The dogs’ owner has been cited previously for letting his animals run loose.
“All of a sudden I heard this really horrible screeching noise, like a cry,” said Christine Wilcox.
Christine and Bob Wilcox said their 6-pound Chihuahua Macho wasn’t a match for two bigger dogs, described as a husky mix and a pit bull mix.
Police said while Macho was chained to his leash on the family’s back steps, the big dogs pounced. Christine could only grab her pet from their clutches when her neighbor’s dog distracted them.
“There was some blood on his belly and there was a hole,” said Christine Wilcox. “I heard air. So, I automatically knew that more than likely there was a lung punctured.”
Doctors couldn’t save Macho, but Bob and Christine assumed police and animal control would remove the dogs.
Turns out that even though the big dogs have had the run of the neighborhood, they’d never attacked another animal or person. Under Florida law, Macho’s death was a first offense. Now that they’ve been declared dangerous, a second offense would lead to a harsher punishment.
“While they’re home with their pets and their family we’re having to deal with quite a traumatic experience with trying to explain to our 7-year-old that his doggie was killed,” said Bob Wilcox.
Christine and Bob Wilcox said they are shocked that the two dogs were not confiscated, but they said what is almost as disturbing for them is that the owner of the dogs never apologized for the attack.
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One thought on “Port Orange dogs accused of attacking, killing other dog not confiscated

  • May 14, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    I feel very sorry for the family that lost their pet. It appears that the current law that relates to this type of situation is not adequate. Unfortunately the law is the law. I wonder if signs cautioning others could be posted to warn of the apparent danger. I have a small dog and am not in physical condition to fight off 2 attacking dogs. If the sign was posted it could save another pet or child’s life as anybody that saw a warning sign would hopefully choose another route to walk their pet as well as to have their children avoid that area. Once again I am so sorry for the family that lost their pet to this unfortunate situation. Hopefully some type of warning prevention can help to avoid another tragic occurrence.


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