Is the manager allowing spam emails to flood his email files, to frustrate the public's right to know?

POTaxpayerfrustratedIs the manager allowing spam emails to flood his read file, while at the same time sending & receiving official city email communications via several of his staff’s email accounts and using other types of communiques to circumvent State Sunshine Laws?  
(use caution: some spam from Russia in his email files this morning (May 16) could have dangerous viruses)

Communications regarding tax increment
TedNoftallManager Kisela,
The attached e-mail addressed  to the manager has been in your possession for the past 33 days and I am most disappointed that you did cause it to be re-directed to the manager’s read file AS IS CITY POLICY DICTATES  once you realized  it had been sent to an “incorrect e-mail address”
I am likewise disappointed it was not included in the recently released CRA agenda for Tuesday evening.
It is indeed an irony that while you have been intent on hounding me incessantly about potential sunshine violations to advance the  political success of your chosen candidate Sonya Laney, you are in fact the most secretive  CM  Port Orange has seen in recent memory.
The purpose of the read file was to encourage the public to understand what was going on in the city  from the manager’s perspective YET there  is virtually nothing in your read file and one cannot help but wonder how much more of your correspondence is likewise going to other  ‘incorrect’ e-mail addresses.
Shame on you also for hopping to and immediately acceding to the wishes of the Mayor’s  Riverwalk  Buddy after ignoring 2 public requests from myself that this very topic of tax increment sharing with all developers be scheduled for discussion by Council and both   CRA’s
Given just  how quickly you have managed to join the good-old-boy  back room government elementsnin Port Orange, it is little wonder  you are so resistant to demands for accountability and transparency in your administration.
Ted Noftall

30+ Day old covert emails to City Manager discovered.

GregKiselaTed: You are correct.  I should have included the e-mail in my read file.  For the record I did not receive a copy of the e-mail until the week of April 29th.  Mr. Brock, the attorney for Riverwalk, called me on Monday April 29th and asked me if I had received his e-mail.  I told him I had not.  He told me he copied Margaret Roberts so sometime that week I asked Margaret for a copy and she provided me with a hard copy.   I cannot swear to you when she provided me a copy that week.  I included the item in the May 2nd  weekly report for City Council’s information.   I simply forgot to give a copy to Cindy to include in my read file.
Greg Kisela
City Manage


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  • May 16, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    How much information is Greg Kisela, the city mgr. “forgetting” to tell the citizens of Port Orange?


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