Lets Blame Ted

.Posted by : Palmetto Pal  palmettopal95@gmail.com
May 19, 2014  9:12 PM
fbi-agents-newLast month Kisela blamed Ted for the resignation of the bookkeeper who was hired to do bank reconciliations and who resigned when it was pointed out that she did not know how to do bank reconciliations.  This is a most curious charge because  Saunders does not know how to reconcile the City’s bank accounts either, and he hasn’t resigned.
Last week Kisela blamed Ted for the resignation of two more Finance department employees and warned Ted that if the City’s bond rating falls any further that will be his fault also.
Last Saturday Ted was blamed for the nervous dispositions and screw-ups of senior employees city wide because of incompetence criticism they have received or may receive from Ted.
Last evening after Kisela thought everyone went home he was overheard trying to collect a reward on the 800-tips hotline for having solved the Grassy Knoll mystery.
The FBI gave Ted a call late this afternoon


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