Crossing the Line

polititianThere are lines and there are LINES.
There are those who will be forgiven and those who will NEVER BE FORGIVEN.
Anonymous,  Concerned, Jasper,  ArtfulDodger,  PalmettoPal,  CheshireCat,  PacManFan,  GetItRight,  WhiteWashRodent,  Rick Woodman and even Ted have not crossed The Line  and will Be Forgiven.
Mike Gardner has crossed THE LINE  and will NEVER BE FORGIVEN because he committed the mortal sin of  actually comparing what Council members have  said with what they have done.
Turns out Mike documented that when discussing the bond re-financing scam 2 weeks ago they were all fiscal conservatives – all about reducing debt,  not pilling on debt for the next generation and the like,     ONLY to reverse themselves last week  and vote unanimously to borrow  heavily and spend like drunken  sailors to improve the City owned water front  property adjoining the Mayor’s BUDDY  under the guise of a Riverwalk Park.
Kind of interesting how that reversal and unanimous vote  took place without any  Council discussion or explanation.
But then again that’s what secret  silo conversations with the Manager are there for.   More of which started @1:30 pm this afternoon – in secret of course,   to smooth out those pesky union contract negotiations   because as Rick pointed out  — this is an election year after all.

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