2 thoughts on “The Mayor again snaps at public speakers (video)

  • May 22, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    There is one root and two heads of all the persistent problems that exist in the City of Port Orange. The root and heads are unfortunately the seat of usurped power which should actually be in the hands of the citizens of Port Orange and the city council. The root of the problem is the old southern plantation owner style of city government ruled over by the root cause of every problem the city has and that is the city’s mayor.
    The two heads of the root are the political head and the administrative management head. The political head is the primary head which once again is the mayor. The administrative management head is actually a figure head and although he has certain authority by charter in actuality he derives all of his power from the primary head and root which unfortunately is the mayor. This figure head should ultimately be answering to the citizens of Port Orange, the city council, and the employees to a certain degree because they are also citizens of Port Orange.
    We all know that this figure head does not answer to the citizens or the council but answers directly to the mayor. It is abundantly clear that this last term southern plantation owner mayor has no respect for the citizens of Port Orange or the rest of their elected officials on the city council. The city manager is his lackey that he uses as a hammer against the city’s employees and a minister of propaganda to the rest of the city council and the citizens of Port Orange. His hoards of imported FCCMA MIT’s are self serving pawns and tools of their Lifesaver CM in perpetrating the agenda of the mayor.
    This mayor runs Port Orange like Barter Town in the movie Beyond Thunderdome. Analogically you can say that the mayor and the current city manager are like Master Blaster the rodent ruler of Barter Town. They operate behind the scenes below the surface of Barter Town like rodents. You can draw the analogy that Tina Turner in the movie could be representative of the rest of the city council and their constituency who would like to be free of the Master-Blaster but are still being controlled against their will.
    The only way for our community to break away from the old southern plantation owner and his control of this Barter Town community that is ruled like a monarchy by this shady mayor is to get rid of the root of the problem and lob off both of its heads. That means to vote the city manager out, send him and his MIT’s down the road, and neuter the mayor until his term runs out.
    Who rules Barter Town? If the council takes definitive action and gets rid of Master-Blaster than maybe this Barter Town will become the beautiful bedroom community that it potentially is that is for the people.

  • May 23, 2014 at 5:41 am

    Getting rich on the backs off Port Orange taxpayers with the help of his current and former City Manager is the Mayors modus operandi. He’s been in bed with Buddy LeCour and his CM’s for years. Holding hands and making plans. All I can say when his turn is finally up…GOOD RIDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH.


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