A $35 million dollar disaster waiting to happen

by:  Ted Noftall   May 25, 2014   8:56pm …..
TedNoftallCouncil and Candidates,
The Port Orange Utilities operation is a very large  $35 million per year business.  It should be run as such And it is not.   It should employ a top shelf CEO, CFO and Production manager And it does not.   What it does employ are 3 straight-up  ICMA  hacks in persons of Kisela, Saunders and Yarborough.
So amateurish is the performance of the CFO and his Comptroller  that they do not produce an Income Statement or a Balance Sheet  for this $35 million dollar business.
Nor do they track revenue  and expenses  for the contracted services that business sells to other governmental entities including the County of Volusia and the cities of Daytona Beach Shores and Ponce Inlet.
Nor have they implemented a financial  inventory control system,
AND this week taxpayers are having their noses rubbed in the $ 400,000 realization  that they do they have effective spending limit controls either.
Until degreed accountants with public accounting experience possessing the requisite ability to prepare financial statements and  design,  Implement and monitor effective internal controls are occupying the position of CFO and Comptroller NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO IMPROVE IN PORT ORANGE FINANCE.   NOTHING …. NOT EVER.    
At this point no one in the City should be buying any of what those 3 ICMA hacks are selling, AND that poses an intolerable situation because residents need to have a confident certainty that the CEO, CFO and the Utilities Manager employed on their behalf are competent, AND CURRENTLY THEY ARE NOT.
This is a huge problem  as an incomplete budget that includes  spending  millions on a failing golf course,  millions more dressing up City property adjoining BUDDY’s  property under the guise of a park, and  a proposal to raise water rates in the 30% range to cover spending millions more on a faulty meter program are all before Council and they have all been produced by incompetents.  This is a receipt for disaster that the taxpayers of Port Orange do not deserve. .
Accordingly I  would call upon Council to undertake the following at their next meeting:

  • *)   Dismiss Manager Kisela.
  • *)   Urge the  Mayor  to announce his retirement in time for his replacement to file for the elections this August.
  • *)   Determine if limiting certain authorities of the Manager can be accomplished by Ordinance or if a Charter Amendment is required.
  • *)   Freeze  all non-essential  spending  for at least a year until a new Manager is hired  and  comprehensive financials   and multi faceted  detailed analysis’s  in which justified confidence may be expressed are  being produced.

This transmission is being made in my capacity as a private citizen,  and should not be construed as being made in any other. 
Ted Noftall

One thought on “A $35 million dollar disaster waiting to happen

  • May 27, 2014 at 10:08 am

    I don’t know how the overspending on meters and parts could have occurred and be called a mistake. It clearly states on purchase orders how much money is authorized. All you have to do is read it and keep track of expenditures.
    You are correct that the situation is intolerable when we can’t trust what our managers are telling us when they stand before council and citizens and try to feed us BS. They should have been honest in the beginning and admit that we were in a screwed up state of affairs instead of perpetuating the problem and hoping that we and it would eventually all go away. By doing this they have just dug a deeper hole for themselves and the city. I have always found if you screw up admit it as soon as possible and try to fix it. At least you are making an honest effort.
    Replacing the CM Should be done especially after we have seen the way he works. We still will have the potential for having the same problems due to the interference in operations by the mayor independent of the rest of council. We could have a new manager that would go along with the mayor despite knowing that he has no more authority than any other council member.
    The Napoleon mayor is way out of line. disrespectful of our citizens and is not serving the city as he should. He should resign or be neutered by the rest of council. 4 to 1
    The entire council should limit the CM in public at the council meetings.
    There shouldn’t be any non essential spending.


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