" The problem is with the southern plantation owner Mayor, & City Manager"

The Southern Plantation Owner

Those on the front line have nothing to lose at this point. Leaving a legacy and integrity is all they can hope for before they all retire. Those running the city have disenfranchised any and all of the employees within the organization that have the knowledge, the desire , or the wherewithal to pick up the pieces and salvage the debacle the former city manager left us with and the current city manager is perpetuating. The present Lifesaver and his MIT interlopers and the incoming wannabee politicians will regrettably form new coalitions that will perpetuate the malfeasance, misfeasance, and literal rape of the citizens of Port Orange.
Newton White, a Publix Manager, is now a Public Utilities infrastructure expert after a few trips to the reuse lakes and a trip to the reuse water plant. He is an expert on homeland security cameras, and is a regulatory expert. LOL!
He also thinks that law enforcement, fire science, and public utility professionals that have worked for Port Orange for decades should lose all their sick and vacation accruals and be reduced to what his stock boys at Publix Supermarket receive.
In the last workshop Port Orange had it was indicated that Port Orange workers benefits fell from the top of the county to mid range. Newton White is proposing that we take Port Orange public safety employees to the bottom of the barrel. The Florida League of Cities or the FCCMA is not even trying to do that. With aging work force and zero succession planning does Newton think kicking police officers, firemen, paramedics, water & wastewater environmental professionals, instrument and lab technicians, and highly skilled labor in general in the teeth is going to help the citizens of Port Orang?. Doesn’t this fool realize the problem is with the southern plantation owner mayor, the CM with the spurious background, and his interloping MIT’s who walk in with six figure salaries, weeks of unearned leave after being fired from their past jobs, and not even having to fill out a city application or undergo a background investigation? It sounds like Newton White will fall right in line with the Allen Green agenda.
The focus needs to be on a mayor and his plans that have nothing to do with solving the most important problems facing his constituency, but instead is focused on placing the resources of the city on subsidizing Buddy Lacore’s dream project and perhaps his own progeny’s ancillary benefit. AKA Allen Green junior’s positioning in the economic benefit through daddy’s compartmentalizing the family business. The new CM and his MIT’s have been imported to Port Orange by the mayor and are here to keep the mayor’s personal agendas intact while the infrastructure, the succession planning, the asset management plan, and the fiduciary interest of the citizens of this bedroom community are neglected. Greg rodent Kisela needs to keep his job, pad his retirement, and pay the mortgage on Lucy’s petting farm.
As long as the southern plantation owner can perpetuate his dog and pony show, aided and abated by an interloping city manager, with a spurious background and zero history as a stakeholder in any community he has ever lived in this farce will continue, As long as the present city manager is given carte blanche to hire FCCMA retreads that have been fired, forced to retire, and have repeat offences for malfeasance, misfeasance, or abuses of the employees they manage there is little or no hope for this organization. Stay tuned for what is fixing to break bad regarding one of the rodent’s most recent recruit retreads.
Just remember the moniker of Rangar Lothbrok From The Halls Of Valhalla. In Valhalla the brave warriors will fight to the death over and over again. They may lose a battle, but they will be resurrected by Odin to courageously fight a glorious battle over and over again until things are righted. Richard Woodman is fighting that battle on a regular basis. Soon a number of other employees will resign or retire and as citizens will join the fight. There are always brave souls that have indomitable will and are willing to sacrifice their personal themselves in battle repeatedly for a higher principal with faith that truth will ultimately prevail. Let me say that I doubt that the mayor and his lifesaver pawn has that integrity and resolve. May we meet them in the halls of Valhalla where the brave will not be forgotten!

Wow Ranger. I would like to know where and when I have ever said I wanted to reduce benefits for our city workers, IT IS SIMPLY NOT MY WORDS. As for reducing them to that of a Publix Stock Boy you do not know our business, or what we earn in benefits, their would be no reduction. No I have not suggested reducing anyone to the bottom of the barrel. I hold our hard working people in high esteem.
I find it aggravating, I am not a career utility worker LEO or Firefighter but I have put forth effort to be knowledgeable of the people, facilities and how they function before I express an opinion.
You have spoken perhaps what you believe to be, but it is certainly not what I represent.
I welcome you to contact me directly to discuss these things, I would be interested in what you know and have to say. Newton@NewtonWhite.us

2 thoughts on “" The problem is with the southern plantation owner Mayor, & City Manager"

  • May 26, 2014 at 11:47 am

    Perhaps Ragnar has been hasty in his assessment of your position. That may be what he was hearing when you took a very verbal stance during the ex-H.R. Director Rob Zicker’s power point presentation in council chambers on city employee leave benefits. If I remember back then you were one of several citizen activists and aspiring politicians that felt that our public sector employees receive much more than private sector counterparts and that the city should eliminate a number of the benefits to bring them into parity. Maybe I also misinterpreted you, so this is a chance for you to clarify yourself on this issue.
    The mayor, and those administrative employees engaged in negotiating the collective bargaining agreement are already alluding to wanting to take the accrued vacation leave benefit schedule of a 25 year veteran that they have painstakingly earned and reduce it to that which an entry level employee receives and then cap that as the maximum schedule. This would effectively place Port Orange as the lowest benefit level of any municipal employer in Volusia county. This would be a recipe for disaster in developing a succession plan and avert a brain drain in the workforce .Ironically the employees negotiating the contract are high priced over paid contract employees that would sell out any employee to keep their sweet deals.
    If Rangar is mistaken about your position, then we are waiting with baited breath to hear exactly what your position is in this regards .Politicians are not generally that forthright and forthcoming about taking a definitive position on anything before an election. It would be a breath of fresh air to see a politician like yourself take a definitive preemptive position on a controversial issue. Maybe then you will emerge as a candidate worthy of the support of the city workforce.

    • May 26, 2014 at 9:54 pm

      Things are never as simple to explain in a few sentences on a web blog. Nonetheless maybe this will help. I do not get to bank by vacation past the year I earn it, I either go on vacation or ask for a “work through” and collect the pay. Sick time adds up to a max of hours after which you do not accrue any unless you are out sick. One place I worked in my past granted 5 days a year and if you did not use it you lost it period thus everyone that was not sick during the year was (wink wink) sick between Thanksgiving and Christmas since we shut down Christmas week through Newt Year it was just an accepted practice that management expected and it worked as production was slow.
      I understand sick buyback by purpose gives a value and discourages (wink wink) call outs.
      The issue is the large payouts at retirement that seem an unfair bonus when paid out, even though it was earned over the years.
      Where I think differently is the pay should be paid out in the year it was earned, and part of vacation time should be time away. I did the math in the days when Parker retired and I suggest that rather than letting the city hold your hours to pay out, that you take the pay and put it in a 401 (457? for government) and compound even meager earnings and assume the pay increases. A quick calculation of $1000 each year at 4% interest/earnings from investment for 25 years would net an extra $18,778.
      We should meet, contact me Newton@NewtonWhite.us


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