" The Un-authorized Spending Spree : No one is responsible and no one should be held accountable "

ted2Thank you for your thoughts Dianne,
There are 2 ways to get rid of a diseased tree.  Cut off its thousand branches, OR cut of its roots.
The root cause of the political problems we have in Port Orange are the Mayor and Manager.  Mayor Green by the share force of his longevity has managed to assume both the political and administrative hats in Port Orange government.  To do so he required an  amoral Manager and in this with both the former manager and his successor   Green won the proverbial jackpot !!
Our focus and energy must be in getting rid of Green and Kisela.   At tomorrow evenings Council meeting Kisela will consistently argue as regards the $400,000 un-authorized spending spree that no one is responsible and no one should be held accountable, AND if Council begs to differ, and assuming he does not blame the whole thing on Ted, he will be happy to take them down a dozen rabbit holes until  they find a low enough level clerk to pin the whole thing on. Anyone foolish enough to start on that trip will end up cutting away at  those thousand branches.
The simpler solution would be to hold Kisela responsible and accountable for this screw-up because he has surrounded himself with ICMA hacks and incompetents in Utilities and Finance who are not qualified to design, implement and monitor an effective system in internal controls to safeguards taxpayer interests.
Replace Kisela with a competent and provenCEO from the private sector and the hacks and incompetents throughout the organization will be replaced in short order.  Keep Kisela and the hits are going to keep on coming.
Council is under no obligation to follow the 4 point plan I outlined below
BUT WHAT they should consider themselves obligated to do is explain in detail what their plan is ….. beyond giving Kisela more time and chanting everything is wonderful or at least getting better. 
Ted Noftall

6 thoughts on “" The Un-authorized Spending Spree : No one is responsible and no one should be held accountable "

  • May 27, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    I am amazed and confused as to why the current public utilities director who was present at the council meeting tonight was not called up to address any of the internal control problems in regards to agenda item # 18. This director is paid $114,000 a year, was a public utilities director in Palm Bay, and is an FCCMA credentialed ex MIT. He was also an ex-city manager. His assistant director is paid approximately $80,000 a year, has over 25 years with the city, was the ex field operations superintendent for many years prior to that, and is currently in direct management of the field operation division, the meter readers, and the public utilities warehouse. Their is no current field operations superintendent, so the assistant public utilities director is directly managing this operation including the warehouse and all of its inventory.
    Why wasn’t the utilities director or his assistant called before council to answer even one of the questions that were posed? Why wasn’t the assistant public utilities director in attendance? Why do we rarely if ever hear anything at a council meeting from the assistant public utilities director on the meter replacement program or warehouse inventory? Why does the city manager and assistant city manager address almost every difficult questions about irregularities in the public utilities department and rarely if ever allows these two administrators to address the issues in their department in a public forum? Something is very wrong with this scenario and it appears that the lifesaver or may I say whitewasher may very well be trying to cover something up.
    Stay tuned for the next episode of breaking bad!

  • May 28, 2014 at 6:06 am

    Some interesting things came out at last nights Council Meeting. We now know that LaCour made a hugh profit by buying the old Cardwell property and reselling it back to the city within a year at a grossly inflated price. You can guess who orchestrated all of that…he was sitting in the middle of he dias last night. I also observed that Mayor Green tried his darndest to be “civil” to the citizens..and even the council members last night. This apparetly because of all of the recent criticism he has been receiving. He almost pulled it off but slipped up a few times to his old behavior when Ted Noftall and a few others questioned him.
    It also didn’t get past me that the Mayor intimated that a long term female employee was responsible for the gross mispending error of over $400,000. REALLY? Did he give her a little slap on the fanny and say don’t do it again???
    You can be sure she wasn’t the only one involved in this debacle but he and the CM had to cook up some excuse to protect his Utility Director and his assistant so they chose her as their scapegoat. She probably did play a part in this outrageous error but she sure as hell wasn’t the only one responsible. How come he called up his assistent manger instead of the four persons really involved? Another rodent whitewash.
    If the council members want to sit there with their head in hands….probably with a pounding headache too then let them. They have it in their powerto rid he city of the vermin by a thee to one vote of no confidence.

  • May 28, 2014 at 8:08 am

    The CM sure was stumbling through his over spending excuses last night. Inventory doesn’t show as an expense until after it is checked out of the warehouse? That is BS. When you receive an order you do a count of goods received compared with the order sheet and packing slip then you do a receiving report that goes to finance for payment on goods received. This is processed in a matter of days up to a week or two. When it is processed it is expensed against the purchase order not after it is checked out from the warehouse. For this purpose, knowing that you will be purchasing goods on a continuing basis over time you should use a blanket purchase order instead of 16 separate PO’s so it can be easily tracked against the designated account. That was a mistake.
    Now they want to blame an anonymous employee. That is BS. Where does the responsibilities of management come in to the picture. They should be more involved in leading, directing and managing employees and money. They are ultimately responsible. If anyone should be blamed it’s management…. No due diligence from management.

  • May 28, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    Recent developments within the city’s workforce infrastructure would suggest that there remains a nucleus of strong, faithful, and competent employees that although disenfranchised by the current city manager and his hoards of incompetent managers in transition are still holding fast for their fellow citizens of Port Orange. Disenfranchised citizens and stakeholders might they be, their competence, integrity, and faithfulness remains as their reward and legacy. These long term employees are the only inspiration left for a diminishing contingent of up and coming successors that are being methodically discouraged and driven away to other organizations by the mayor, the current city manager, and a contingent of incompetent managers that are either recently recruited interlopers or old layovers from Ken Parker’s regime who have been willing to disenfranchise and sell anybody and everybody down the road for the mayor and the lifesaver in return for a retirement linchpin. AKA the current H.R./IT director and assistant C.M. These are the CM’s whitewashing assistants.
    After trying time and time again to abuse, marginalize, and divide and conquer anyone in the workforce with integrity that commands respect and sees through their game they have now come to the end of their rope. They are now beginning to cannibalize themselves in desperation when they are not able to readily offer up some lower level scapegoats to make temporary expiation for their sins. As a last ditch effort the Lifesaver is giving carte blanch to bribe as many perceived adversaries in an attempt to hold his perceived enemies closer than his perceived obsequious and incompetent friends. What an ill conceived and dysfunctional managerial strategy dispatched by a CEO with obvious personal deficiencies and psychological problems.
    The problem that the Lifesaver is encountering is that their are many people within the organization that have extremely high integrity and are not interlopers like himself, his M.I.T. retreads, and the refuse that has remained and attached themselves to him from Ken Parker’s past regime. In a nutshell, their remains a loyal, competent, and dedicated cohesive workforce that the CEO has methodically disenfranchised who are loyal to the citizens of Port Orange, Their fellow employees, and the principals of their organization. These are people that cannot be bribed, divided & conquered, and corrupted into complicity with the CEO’s desperate attempt to obfuscate and whitewash.
    Ragnar Lothbroc says game on and game over. Remember the episode entitled the “Blood Eagle Ceremony”. Valhalla is rising and in it’s courts “The Brave Will Not Be Forgotten”. There needs to be heroes within the organization to inspire the City Council to exercise their power and do what they are responsible to do in removi9ng the mayor of Barter Town and the interloping rodent CEO.
    The courageous employees will soon demonstrate their willingness to sacrifice themselves for what is right and what is in the best interest of their fellow citizens in hopes that the City Council will step in and fulfill the fiduciary responsibility that they have to their constituency. These employees are eager to embrace new leadership that shares the same principals of integrity that they are willing to go down on their shields for. This may not be easy but it is a desperate necessity that the City Council sprouts a pair and joins forces with Ragnar Lothbrok and the sons of Valhalla rising. In “The Halls of Valhalla” the brave will not be forgotten!

  • May 28, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    Floki says,” Listen to the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, Trickster, Don Juan Matus, Mescalito, the Man in the Moon, the Joker, and the Hanged Man”. Archetypes as they may be, they will trick you into enlightenment and seeing through the illusion. The fog has been thick, and the obfuscation has been befuddling.
    Corrupt authority figures who’s days are numbered and who’s paradigm is outdated will desperately cast these archetypes as ominous anarchistic figures. Corrupt paradigmatically antiquated authority is not true authority. When no more integrity remains they are like a wraith clinging to the material plane.
    You see this with the current mayor and his lifesaver CEO in that they look for ghosts, demons, and scapegoats to divert the attention away from the real problem which is themselves along with their dying paradigm .Let life embrace a new paradigm which is the inheritance of the citizens of this bedroom community and not the financial inheritance of the progeny of the present mayor.


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