"The Mayor’s BUDDY" & "True Intentions"

Riverwalk Appraisals & Legal Analysis …. 
covertGood morning Vice-mayor Burnette,
In recent days it has become apparent that the Manager is up to his eyeballs facilitating a dog and pony show where-in the political waters are continually being tested to determine exactly how much largess the Riverwalk Promoter can obtain at taxpayer expense.
It is less than clear who else on Council beyond the Mayor is encouraging that facilitation.
As Vice-mayor for the City I would call upon you to take the lead

  •   in insisting that the secret Riverwalk Appraisals be made public ??

It was bad enough that they were kept secret when the stated intention (wink, wink) was to have the Mayor’s BUDDY  pay cash to the City for the difference in value between the City’s valuable land on US 1 AND his valueless mangrove swamps along the river,
BUT NOW  that the promoter’s true intention of trading non developable mangrove stands for valuable US 1 frontage has been revealed it is all the more important that those secret appraisals be released so that the public can judge for themselves just how bad they will be screwed if Council approves this most inequitable land swap.
My second request is that you likewise take the lead in insisting that

  •    the City Attorney provide a detailed  analysis encompassing the 4 corners of  the legal considerations surrounding this project including land swaps,  road closures,  title considerations, zoning compatibility and any other matters of  taxpayer concern that should be obvious to a trained legal mind.    

 Thank you for your assistance in getting this much needed information into the hands of the people.
 Ted Noftall

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