"In our modern day and age is buying an election at the local level possible?"


electrionsHere is a link to a recent News Journal article. It shows our Riverwalk developer selling acreage to the Wal Mart. I don’t think he really needs any taxpayer help. I also noticed in some of the Candidate filings for the upcoming election that this mentioned developer has made contributions to some of them. I hope these candidates taking developer campaign monies if elected will be forced to refrain from voting on All issues relating in any manner to the donating developers.

I wonder in this modern day and age if buying an election at the local level is possible. Newton White got the paving program jump started. A list was not available to him but he was assured it would be going forward. Is it a coincidence that the first street paved was on Jackson St in front of the Mayors property? There seems to be many questionable relations in a government whose primary responsibility is to the rate payers that voted them in and not the few that generously donated to their campaign. I guess that’s why we call this politics.

Just like all in life there is good and evil. Having said that! Hmm where have I heard that before? It seems like one of our candidates uses this phrase quite frequently and we all know who that famous quote belongs to. Do I sense a relationship of some sort here?

I hope all the voters out there do their homework. This is our chance to try and forge our future.I was always told ”Don’t complain if you don’t vote, and don’t vote if you do not know what you are really voting for.”


One thought on “"In our modern day and age is buying an election at the local level possible?"

  • May 29, 2014 at 9:33 am

    The harsh reality of it is that people are politically stupid. They don’t read the newspapers. watch the news, keep up with issues to be voted on and a hell of a lot of them doen’t even vote. Then they piss and moan when things go south on them.
    Whoever is doing all this research and digging up the “dirt” ought to get the Port Oange Medal of Honor.
    The city coulld easily build a beautiful waterfront park…without Riverwalk the monstrosity. Buddy LaCour has one hell of a nerve begging money from the city to build his projec to make him richer than he already is and on the taxpayers backs, people who are financially struggling. You don’t think Walmart is paying him peanuts for that 52 acre parcel do you? Let him build it on his own with the help of his friend and friend’s son.


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