2 thoughts on “Was the Original Consent Agenda Item a Ploy To Deceive The City Council? … And Did The City Manager Know It? … You Decide (VIDEO)

  • May 30, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    Not as transparent as it should have been? Why? Who wrote the change order request? Who approved it to go to council? Did anyone question it before it went to council? Were they trying to hide something? Sounds like they were trying to slide something by council without them noticing.

  • May 30, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    The body language and the actual language by the manager that the first document was not as transparent as it should have been takes on the appearance of intentionally attempting to deceive. Everyone seems to be acting like this is the first time public utilities has utilized the process to spend money. If I am not mistaken I think you referenced that they bring in 35 million dollars per year. They spend all of it every year. I have not seen anything that alludes to this being a new or different process. Is the process of spending before requesting funding something that has been going on in front of councils noses all along? I don’t think a single employee that the mayor spoke of would have the authority to approve spending of this magnitude. Why didn’t we speak to the Finance and Utilities Director? I think if this is researched we will find that is where the responsibility lies.
    The two directors were never questioned or volunteered to offer any information on this subject. That is more deception by intentional non transparency. They know exactly what happened. I’m pretty sure we all know who told them to keep their mouths shut. Council also did not ask to speak to either of the Directors. That sheds bad light on a bad subject. It does not appear that they want an answer either and are in hope that this will be forgotten when the next bad news story arrives on their doorstep. Then this one like all the others will be forgotten when the next bomb drops.
    I wish Council would go back and watch the full video of the meeting. They appeared dumbfounded, stupefied and not in charge at all. There will be no Oscars presented for that performance.
    Ted your efforts are appreciated but it seems as though you have found a nut that can never be cracked.


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