Administrative Rezoning as a Technique to Avoid Public Input… & Use of Tax Dollars for Low Income Projects

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housingProject2With regard to these low income projects, how does this work? pages 6 and 7 attached titled Admin Rezoning PDF reference the Club at Sugar Mill which is now across the street from me.  Item 19. CC meeting 7-16-2002.
Found this PDF on line where an administrative rezoning occurred at the hands of Hukill, Parker, Green, et al for the Club at Sugar Mill development across the street from our house back in 2002. Pages 6 and 7, item 19. 
16.5 acres of prime forest turned into a project and looks like it was done with no public hearing? Is that what administrative rezoning means? Who can tell me about this? I am interested in how that occurred.  When this development went in I was working like 12 hours a day in Orlando and was not paying too much attention to what the city was doing other than I knew our whole neighborhood was concerned about how this low income project would affect our health, safety and welfare.  We were not adjacent but we sure as hell were affected.  Property values and crime.   And impact.  More low life types. Anyone Googling my property to purchase would quickly learn there was a project across the street.
I am concerned about this Wendover Partners thing of course that was on Kisela’s read log and wondering how this process works now in 2014 with our little crooked city ……particularly as it affects modest neighborhoods like my own where people are deemed to really not matter much by the city or potential developers…poorly connected politically…etc. ..would this admin rezoning have occurred on property west of either Nova or 95 back then? …we know how our little neighborhhod was almost run over recently had we not found out and fought back hard…was this Club at Sugar Mill deal given any kind of public vetting before council? Does anyone know what happened on 1040 Herbert Street. The so called Nova Oaks proposed project?  Looks like it started and went no where..why?
(On two other items Hukill represented two of the developers in this 7-15-2002 PDF.  She participated in discussion but did not vote.  Why did she get any input at all?   How did she come to represent these folks? Items 17 and 18…hmmm…crooked mayoral types for a long time here…no wonder people want to be mayor….money to be made)….Also does anyone know how Green got his most recent job with this development right at the city limits with SD that is going in now?  Val Fiano is the developer on that one. With regard to this development right on our doorstep, are there interlocal agreements that govern such deals?  The impact is going to be on PO resources, not SD’s. At least that is how I see it.  Seems kinda tacky to put a large 260 unit development literally at the city limits???  Was there any disucssion between SD and PO on this one? I do not know if this is a rent controlled development. )
Ok..if anyone has nothing to do and has any thoughts on this stuff, I would love to hear them. Placement of these low income PUDs are a property owner’s issue and in my opinion need to be included in the bill of rights.  

Mr. Von Weller: please send over the information.  We will review it and discuss with you the next steps.
Greg Kisela
City Manager

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Mr. Kisela-

We are working on a possible affordable housing project in Port Orange. As you are aware, to apply for these projects, we need to procure a local government contribution. Per the attached, the City assisted another developer with a fee deferral for last year’s application.

We are wondering if we can use a similar approach for our needs this coming year. I can send over project details and other information on our company as required.

Thank you very much.

Ryan von Weller
Wendover Housing Partners

1105 Kensington Park Dr.
Suite 200

Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

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  • June 1, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    I have been giving some thought in regards to revitalizing the Ridgewood Corrider in Port Orange. It seems to me that the only possible way to get this done is to allow high price condo’s to be built overlooking the Halifax River. Such condos would hopefully induce near high income residents to shop in the new businesses which would be incline to locate on Ridgewood Ave. What do you think?


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