Two different Laws — Two different Lawbreakers

obama-snot-275x300The fact of the matter is that government has run amok in this country … whether it be in Washington or in Port Orange.
In today’s  News Journal  we have an arrogant  Obama administration admitting that it failed to follow the  law by notifying  Congress regarding the prisoner swap because of in their opinion  —  “ unique and exigent circumstances ”
AND IN  Port Orange we have an arrogant  Council failing to abide by its own ordinance of putting borrowing for non-essential purposes before the voters under the pretext that it is not borrowing  –  rather it is  “ re-financing “
In this instance an $ 18 million bond that has been paid down to approximately $15 million is being taken back-up to its original $18 million by way of $3 million in new borrowing.  In this instance while the new borrowing of $ 3 million is only 20 %  of the total debt of $15 million and some might argue relatively small,  the  pretext under which they are proceeding is not.
If Council can ignore the law requiring that new debt for non-essential purposes be put before the voters,   AND by themselves vote to increase $15 million back up to  $18 million  …  Tell me why they could not vote to increase  a paid down balance of $1 million back up to  $ 18 million also ??  The principle is the exact same.
But it is for a good purpose they say,  And it will not cost us any more in monthly payments because interest rates have fallen they say.
Well then PUT IT BEFORE THE VOTERS,  because not everyone favors wasting more money of that Riverwalk money pit,  AND not everyone favors living in continual debt, and passing it on to our children and grandchildren.
Ted Noftall

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