"Sonia, you scare the hell out of me"

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I am reviewing my DVR of the June 3, 2014 Port Orange City Council Meeting.
I am quite disturbed with the statements of Sonia, a CPA who is running to be elected to the city council.
I welcome any corrections of what I think I heard in tonight’s meeting.  After a second review of this segment of the meeting which I have on my DVR and which I will reproduce on my web site tomorrow, perhaps I can be more exact in my reporting.
First, Mayor Allen Green once again wants to get to the bottom of this new lack of internal control in the City’s operations, but “does not want to point fingers”.  It is no wonder that the city still, after all we have gone through via losing millions of dollars, has problems with internal controls and accountability.
In this new instance involving poor internal controls and lack of accountability, 14 purchases were made within Port Orange operations without the proper authorization.
Sonia posed the proposition that when mistakes happen the mistakes are not brought to the attention of the city’s administration because of “fear”. Fear of losing their jobs, because after all these are people who have mortgages and debts to pay.  And so, Sonia lays the fault of inadequate communication to the top administrators at the feet of the city council who I guess she is saying has presented an element of fear towards city workers.  Most probably I think she is thinking of Bob Ford whom she is running against in the city’s election to come for city council.  Ford wants accountability.  Sonia it seems to me confuses internal control and accountability with “harassment”.
Oh Sonia, what a team player you will make for Mayor Green and the now city manager.  I propose that Sonia may be good with numbers being a CPA, but for leadership in the management problems we have become aware of within the last 2 years, Sonia does not get my vote.
A video of this segment of the discussion will be made by me, and posted on my web site, either late tonight, or tomorrow morning.
Sonia, you scare the hell out of me.  – Sincerely, Hank Springer
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    The only people on the dais that the employees fear are the mayor and the CM. Does management have any responsibilities for internal control failures? In the overspending problem with meters for instance. Did management communicate the internal control methods and expectations to the employees? Do they have an open door policy that allows employees to ask questions and make suggestions? Did they put it in writing? Did they follow up with due diligence to make sure that internal controls if they existed were being followed? Isn’t this what a competent manger should do? With all the public attention on this meter problem competent management should be more involved. In the 41 years of my adult working career I spent 38 years as a low and mid level manager. I never made it to the big time and never wanted to but, I understand these principles of management. Good management comes from the top and filters down through the organization to encourage and build excellence. Bad management at the top has no filter it just trickles down to create more bad managers and that has a terrible effect on employees.


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