"I have lost faith in them as well and now they are more of a part of our problem"

Mayor & Council

This is sad. Council has been warned several times about improprieties. Management has been advised and now they have shut down the employees. City employees cry out on this blog as well but must remain annonymous or they would quickly be fired. The bad news will continue and the Master of the cover up has taken the Council under his spell.

What ever happened to the report the taxpayers were promised to receive in 30-45 days pertaining to the Bike Week city boil water notice? How much did we pay for that? Again nothing in return except a payday for one of Kisela’s buddies. I would like to give council the same finger that Kisela gave them. I have lost faith in them as well and now they are more of a part of our problem than to a solution to it. Thanks for Nothing!

This management team that has been assembled sucks. They do play follow the leader very well though. Stay tuned to your local Council. More bad news is on the way. After reading this perhaps they already know. Perhaps we should build a larger confinement facility. The list is getting larger by the day.

3 thoughts on “"I have lost faith in them as well and now they are more of a part of our problem"

  • June 5, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    I was sitting here trying to get my head around why Port Orange citizens got so unlucky to be stuck with two screwed up City Managers in a row. After only a few moments I realized there was only one thing in common with both these individuals. They both worked very closely and collaborated fully with the Mayor in the day to day operations of the city. Something that is prohibited by the city charter. The Mayor and both managers artfully kept the four councilmen mostly in the dark about their shenanigans Bottom line is that most of our problems may be rooted with the Mayor.

  • June 5, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    It is not the subtlety of the city managements whitewash but it is the persistence and the lack of opposition that makes it so insideously successful and leaves no hope for the citizens of Port Orange. There is an occasional ray of hope on the council by statements that Bob Ford makes that might suggest that he is not the recipient of a snow job, but his inaction and persistent apathy might suggest that at the end of the day he is complicit with all of what is going on and is simply supplying false hope to those who are being sold down the river.
    Bob is certainly intelligent enough to perpetrate this kind of covert subterfuge that would break down the will and demoralize citizens and employees who are fighting the good fight, but could he be that much of a corrupt dirt bag? He is a professor and adept at criminology and organizational management so if he wanted to be complicit he could function as a double agent of Allen Green and Kisela and be a master of the sting. I sincerely would like to believe that Bob Ford is not that kind of a corrupt asshole, and due to his inexperience neither is Drew Bastian. There are those that would suggest that Bob Ford’s vitality, intelligence, and reserve are diminishing with old age and the preservation of his ego now supersedes his fiduciary responsibility to his constituency. This may not be the case, but all eyes are on him, because advanced as his years may be, he is the only hope on the council that honest citizens have. Drew is a work in progress but he and Bob are the shield bearers until a third councilman emerges that is willing to fight the good fight for their constituency.
    Action is imperative, and the most current whitewash being perpetrated by Greg Kisela needs to be expediently eradicated. There is approximately two weeks until the next council meeting and it is critical that Bob Ford and Drew Bastian step in and prevent this dog and pony show before its momentum perpetuates itself. Why does the constituency of Bob Ford and Drew Bastian constantly have to rely on the courageous acts of citizens like Ted Noftall and the Gardeners to assume the leadership role that Bob and Drew neglect to assume as part of their fiduciary responsibility to the citizens of Port Orange? These two councilman have the power, the responsibility, and authority to put a halt to Greg Kisela’s FCCMA Range Rider farce. They will be much respected, supported, and honored by their constituency for so doing, but at the end of the day we all need to honor Mr. Gardener for having the intelligence, determination, and forsight to make the information request that he has regarding this unconscionable whitewash.

  • June 6, 2014 at 5:49 am

    The Sunshine Law doesn’t exist in Port Orange. Thank you Mayor Allen Green for skillfully pulling the wool over the
    Council members eyes. You’ve even deceived your supporter Dennis Kennedy who I believe to be basically a decent community minded man…just very naive. Who knows, maybe he’ll snap out of his stupor and do the right thing.
    If not,….no more sunshine, just black clouds and thunderstorms.


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