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walmart2I am very concerned about this project for my friends whose neighborhood abuts this Wal Mart installation.   Hope the city protects those folks with adequate buffers as proscribed in the LDC. One of the non-negotiables I want to see in the Property Owner’s Bill of Rights.
Dianne T. Gardner

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From: Dianne Gardner
To: Burman, Tim ; ; Ted Noftall ; Don Burnette ; Drew Bastian ;
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2014 4:17 PM
Subject: Re: new Wal Mart at corner of Madeline and Clyde Morris
Dear Tim,
Thank you for your prompt response.
Please keep me apprized.  You know buffers are my issue and really are always the solution where residential neighborhoods and commercial development collide. Their inclusion in this project will avoid problems as the project goes forward.  I think this market will be 24/7 and 365.  I would not want to live near it.   I have several very unwell elderly friends who live there who deserve their privacy and peace and quiet.  They have owned homes there for decades.  Decent law abiding people who have paid their taxes many years in Port Orange. I and others will be over there trying to help them should it come to that. Am hoping no such help will be needed and that the city will insist on adequate buffering.  This is a very deep pocket here. Wal-Mart for God’s sake. This one does not need to be done on the cheap.  I hope Community Development will strive mightily to protect the potential privacy concerns of these residents.   As we know Tim, it ain’t rocket science.  It’s not about posting or advertising.   It’s about adhering to the LDC and its proscribed buffers.
Please tell Mr. Clark the community is watching with interest on this project and want to see the surrounding neighborhoods treated fairly.
Best and thanks,
Dianne Templeton Gardner
618 Ruth Street
Port Orange, Florida 32127

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From: Burman, Tim
To: Dianne Gardner
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2014 12:30 PM
Subject: RE: new Wal Mart at corner of Madeline and Clyde Morris
Based on the conceptual drawing provided by the engineer at a pre-app meeting, the commercial site would be roughly 450’ from the residential area east of the site. According to the engineer concept plan, the red box is the general area for the proposed project. At this time, an official submittal has not be made to the City that clearly defines the project boundary.

From: Dianne Gardner []
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2014 11:48 AM
To: Burman, Tim
Subject: new Wal Mart at corner of Madeline and Clyde Morris
Dear Tim,
Will there be a 40 to 50 foot buffer that complies with the LDC between the new Wal Mart Neighborhood store and the residental areas that surround it?
Dianne T. Gardner


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