Video of exploding water main resulting from poorly trained workers tapping the pipe


Dr. Wu, you know apparently your shit! Let me ask you this. How lucky are the taxpayers of the city of Port Orange? Fortuitously those inexperienced field crew personnel performing the tap were not injured or killed during that debacle. With the spider cracks and destruction of the 18″ pvc pipe basically exploding with the system water pressure from the improper taping procedures the workers were fortunate they were not impaled by sharp pieces of the pipe that exploded outward. Their have been similar instances documented where this type of pipe tapping failure and explosion has driven pieces of pvc through nearby vehicles. Thank goodness this failure did not seriously injure or kill one of these workers, and by the photographs of the plastic shrapnel that was left behind it is a blessing that one of them was not impaled by a piece of the exploding pvc pipe. It is also a blessing that one of them did not drown in that un-shored excavation that rapidly filled up to a depth of possibly 10 feet.

Remember the millions of dollars of liability for the methane explosion that occurred a few years ago in Daytona Beach? Luckily similar tragic fatalities did not occur in this instance because the circumstances would have dwarfed the liability that was assumed in Daytona Beach and we would not want any of our precious employees to suffer this fate.. A question for Dr.Wu is wasn’t one of the sightings of the scathing report that was released by Palm Bay Human Resources Department about the current Port Orange utility director that was selected by Greg Kisela that lead to his resignation was dereliction of responsibility in safety protocols? Sounds like the Life Saver has a lot to answer to at the next council meeting. that is unless the mayor decides to make like nothing happened and blows any citizen off that inquires at the meeting.

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  •  Dr. Wu

    I have seen three people nearly drown during main breaks. It was fortunate that the force of the break spread horizontally along the line. If the line had exploded outward in the area just around to the tapping saddle that could have been real bad news.

    You are correct about the scathing report in regards to dereliction of responsibility in safety protocols.

    You are correct in saying that the life saver has a lot to answer to. I doubt that he will. He never answer to anything or anyone. He’s Teflon. The pud and ass pud should also be supplying answers. Good night, It’s getting late, I have surgery in the morning I’m doing a complete hose bib change out. Gotta get some rest.

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    • Leroy

      Hey Dr. Wu do you mean like this?

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