"The report was commissioned for the sole purpose of ….. "

rangeRiderSo Dick Kelton, the range riding ICMA  hack who short listed Kisela into his present position believes there was a “lack of forthright communication from the Purchasing Office to senior management“  I’ll bet he does.
This report was commissioned for the sole purpose of

  •     assigning all responsibility to mid level employees and below,  And
  •    eliciting sympathy for Kisela,  Saunders, Gurnee and Yarborough because bad junior employees did not tell them this or that.

Kelton’s report not un-expectantly failed to consider even for a moment why Finance did not realize that all purchases after Dec 11th 2013 were made with un-authorizied funds  …….. until it was supposedly discovered on April 3rd  2014
Nor does it touch with a 10 foot pole   why Kisela  waited  2 weeks to inform  his Finance director,  Comptroller and even the City Attorney  of this un-authorized spending and a further 2 weeks to inform Council …. Now that is a real lack of forthright communication.
The only honest admission in Kelton’s report is that  “ the City’s financial software system is not being fully utilized “
AND IF he wanted to communicate forthrightly on that  point he should have added that was because neither the Finance director nor the Comptroller possess the requisite ability to design, implement and monitor those  controls that are required,  And that the  financial software system is capable of providing.
BUT HE did not want to communicate forthrightly,  instead he wanted to communicate some sympathy for his old life saver buddy who “knows nothing “  because the bad guy in purchasing did not tell him anything.
The notion that Kisela and his Finance director and  Comptroller should escape direct responsibility for their non-feasance in not having systems in place to detect un-authorized spending at the insistence it is requested  because they have  each reached their level of incompetence is an insult to the taxpayers of Port Orange.
Ted Noftall

From: Ted Noftall [mailto:Ted@TedNoftall.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2014 2:00 PM
To: Hank Springer; ‘nelan’
Cc: gkisela@port-orange.org; Bob Ford; Dennis Kennedy; don@amlsfl.com; Drew Bastian; Mayor Green
Subject: Covering-up the Cover-up
What is wrong with the Port Orange city Council that they are permitting Kisela to attempt to  cover-up the cover-up of deceit  by employing the  ex Manager and current ICMA  Range Rider  Dick Kelton  who recommended Kisela to the City of Port Orange in the first place to investigate deception and other wrongdoing  on the part of the  overpaid,  under qualified ex-managers Kisela has installed as the directors of Finance and Utilities.
While such action on the part of Kisela is improper, unethical  and likely illegal, I do understand his motivation.   He wants to delay and cover up the rank incompetence and deceit  of the MIT’s ( Managers in Trouble ) that he hired to likely collect his lifesaver award.   I get Kisela only too well.
But what of Council.  What is wrong with them?  To a man they must know that if you want to get the truth out of anyone in circumstances such as these you put them under oath and record their deposition.
That could be done by suppertime with one call to the Sheriff’s office.  But that is not going to happen just like it did not happen with the water billing debacle with the former Manager and his Finance director 2 years ago.  Kisela is right up to his armpits in deceiving Council by his own omission and should be removed from this investigation.     
To  learn this morning that  Allen, Dennis, Don,  Bob and Drew  knew of Kisela’s  plan before last evenings Council meeting  AND SAID nothing at that meeting is beyond distressing.  Their  silence last evening was their tacit approval for a Manager  right up to his armpits in deceiving the People  that Council is  supposed to represent to get started  on covering up the cover-up.
 As many of you know I have collected largely useless bull sh$t answers from Finance and the Manager’s office for years  and for the most part that is exactly what those answers have been.  BUT THERE  was one instance when Finance told the truth and was the day the Comptroller was placed under oath and questioned by Warren Pike’s attorney in his public hearing before the City’s  Civil Service Board.
To  say the answers given that day were a lot more forthright  would be an understatement.
In Council cannot find backbone enough to insist that the Sheriff’s office  conduct depositions of these deceitful phonies,    let them at least save Kelton the drive down from Jacksonville  and have Saunders  and Yarboroughs wives conduct  the investigations  —  after all they know them better than  Kelton  AND  the results will be just as believable.
Ted Noftall

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