Is a second ICMA award pending for Greg posthumously?

Manager Kisela recently received the prestigious  “ Lifesaver Award “  for saving Manager In Trouble Wayne Saunders.
lifesaver This is no trifling matter.
The disregard Kisela displayed regarding his personal job security in hiring a washed up and disgraced ICMA hack from another town and installing him in a $120.000 CFO position for which he is utterly un-qualified was breathtaking  ……. and to keep him on through one scandal after another, particularly the latest where his defense is that he doesn’t know anything about financial controls and no one tells him anything, is a once in a decade occurrence – at most.
Manager Kisela also displayed similar personal disregard in hiring the even more troubled and equally incompetent Jason Yarborough as Utilities director.
While it is true Jason is no longer with us as he succumbed to his most vile rodent tendencies, I am wondering if there is a provision for Greg to receive this award again — say posthumously ???
Constance Dogood

4 thoughts on “Is a second ICMA award pending for Greg posthumously?

  • June 21, 2014 at 4:20 am

    Since Ted, Mike and I and others have been accused of racking up frivolous costs to our unfairly targeted
    City government with our FOI requests…….that argument now after these most recent revelations and firings would seem like a real non-starter to me….but with apologists hope springs eternal….sorry…. .digression…
    Can any of you smart guys out there crunch the numbers on tangible and intangible costs to our city on what this latest mess may have cost us, will cost us in terms of the initial bad hiring, training to have gotten the PUD Jason up to speed, training his replacement, Tom’s replacement, the greater degradation of our city’s reputation, damage to morale, further damage to our perceived credit worthiness, retraining of folks who still remain in our employ, etc.?
    Yeah I know Ron and Nancy..another damned frivolous FOI….or numerous ones as we try to ferret out the truth..but who has some idea ..I am wanting some comparisons between our meager costs aimed at finding the truth up till now and these incredible costs I know that have been and will be incurred to determine what the hell happened here with this overspend, who had a hand in it, who covered it up.. Dick Kelton’s involvement..and that is not even counting what happens once both sides lawyer up..can you spell protracted lawsuit, settlement, etc.?
    Ok guys…you get it.
    Of course I know that all this is somehow Ted’s fault….we used to call people like Ted and the Gardners outside agitators in the 60s…. Port Orange….love it or leave it….but just assuming that maybe maybe the Manager and his choices and style are somewhere in the mix….what would those costs be to our city?
    Any thoughts Port Orange?
    Dianne Templeton Gardner

    • June 21, 2014 at 8:53 am

      For your information, they never did get Jason Yarborough up to speed, and if you followed the steady stream of information that has been posted on this blog, he never got up to speed in his previous assignments. Kisela hired him without an application or any apparent background investigation which is standardly performed on all other employees that are not FCCMA retreads. If Kisela is allowed to skate on this debacle which is now growing exponentially, and the council allows him to continue as the city manager, he will not depend upon a posthumous Lifesaver award because of his initial hiring of Yarborough. If Kisela skates on this you can be assured that Dick Kelton will be supplying him with an FCCMA retread refill to justify winning his second Lifesaver award.Then the joke will be on us citizens of Port Orange.

  • June 21, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    Generally when you hire an entry level employee or even a specialized employee with academic credentials or specialized skills they submit an employment application per civil service rules and the information is verified to be true by a background investigation. If you are satisfied with the results of the findings you hire them at or near the bottom of the job classification pay range. Hopefully there is a modicum to advance them through the classification pay range, which currently has been frozen in Port Orange for the many but not the Lifesaver’s chosen., however you would expect to reward them with incentives that increased their salaries through the range as they demonstrated their value, knowledge, and performance in course of time.
    In the case of Mr. Kisela and his FCCMA retreads, he hires FCCMA managers that have not applied for a position solely based on solicitation from an FCCMA Range Rider. After conducting interviews with viable internal and external candidates who participated in the selection process, Kisela bypasses the non=FCCMA candidates as if they never legitimately applied for the position. He in essence has conducted this entire process as a smoke screen in order to whitewash and demonstrate that he has performed due diligence. He believes that he is a monarchal figure that is above the bylaws of the organization.
    He then imports the FCCMA retread, who has been fired or forced to resign from a previous position to join the interview process. This is someone imported that has not even applied for the job directly. Than he hires the retread without an employment application or a background investigation even when senior technical staff in his organization has recommended to the contrary. He then brings the FCCMA retread that was fired or asked to resign from a previous position in at the top of the salary range, and in this case at a higher top out range than the non -FCCMA predecessor who had 15 years of tenor. This is all done without that person earning their way up through the range during a reasonable period of time while demonstrating their value.
    After the Lifesaver’s FCCMA retread fails, and regardless how much of an attempt to whitewash and shore the incompetent up the city manager has tried, he is euphemistically said to have turned in his resignation .In reality he is being ushered down the road because a current internal inquiry is disclosing that he is recidivistic in acts perpetrated on current employees that cost him a previous position. Does the Lifesaver bear any responsibility for this ridiculous scenario? Will the city council allow Mr. Kisela to continue to perpetrate his dog and pony show? Why is the council still playing chess with this misfit when he is loosing his bishops and rooks, and is rapidly running out of pawns? I think it is time to declare to the Lifesaver that his game is over and that it is check mate. Then he can join his FCCMA scapegoat and run back to their Range Rider Dick Kelton for a reassignment to some other unfortunate municipality.


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