(Part III)

Part III

The below email will give you insight as to what the purchasing division is facing. Wayne never responded to my request for guidance in the email.
On Thursday, May 29, 2014 5:11 PM, “Cinefro, Tom” <tcinefro@port-orange.org> wrote:
Tom Cinefro
Purchasing Manager
City of Port Orange
Office: 386-506-5704

From: Cinefro, Tom
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2014 5:11 PM
To: Saunders, Wayne
Subject: Purchasing Division Projects – Request to determine what projects are priority
I’m certain you are aware the Purchasing Division has been half staffed for 6 months out of the past year. As you know I have maintained the additional responsibilities of being short staffed during working hours, after hours from home and even while on vacation. It has reached a point where all projects are “priority” and the Purchasing Division cannot efficiently function with the increased project work load and also maintain the tactical day to day purchasing activities.
The Purchasing Division is overloaded with priority Bid/RFP projects, new compliance related projects and reports requests, additional time and manpower required to research compliance related issues for purchase requisitions, increased unannounced vendor walk in requests/meetings, increased staff meetings for Bid projects, legal contracts and bond tracking, surplus auctions and list goes on and on.
One person cannot efficiently perform all the required purchasing functions with a City this size based on the volume of projects, day to day activities and requests by departments. I know this first hand, as in my career I have managed very small to very large purchasing teams in both City and Corporate environments.
Imagine if our Customer Service department was half staffed for 6 months out of the year and the rest of the team had to pick up the responsibility because we could not hire temps to fill the void. There would be delays in service, a backlog of calls, turnover in staff, mistakes being made and finally employee burnout. It’s a similar scenario that the Purchasing Division is facing.
Currently, I am buried with tactical day to day activities such as verifying purchase requisition compliance, emails and phone calls, handling vendor walk ins, meeting with staff concerning projects, contracts, bonds, surplus auctions and it leaves little or no time to focus on larger more strategic projects such as BIDS/RFP’s, research data and create reports for vendor compliance.
No matter how much time I spend working during normal hours, at home, on weekends  or even while vacation it simply just isn’t enough when you are short staffed. While I understand a new hire is at least 3 weeks away from starting which is great news, it will require full time training by me since she does not have any purchasing experience. Again, this means delay’s in projects and day to day activities until the new hire is fully trained. It will most likely be the end of July before the new hire can effectively assist in areas such as tactical day to day activities and several months after that to get purchasing operations in order where I believe they need to be.
With that said, I am asking for your guidance and input to determine what BID/RFP projects and other projects are truly priorities and ask if you can please inform department heads of the delays.
What we have before us are all priority projects. Keep in mind, when I work on priority BID/RFP projects and the other priority projects listed below it requires hours of blocked out time causing the tactical day to day activities to stop and get behind.
Here is a list of BID/RFP projects and other projects for review in determining what is truly a priority.
RFP #14-02:    Continuing Survey Services (Community Development wants this released in June)
BID #14-04:     Interior wall and ceiling painting of city hall (Public Work wants this released in June)
Bid #14-05:      New carpet and flooring accessories for city hall (Public Work wants this released in June)
BID #14-08:     Design of a Multi-Purpose Field for Coraci Park (Parks & Rec wants this released in June)
BID 14-17:    Garnsey Water Plant Large Meter Replacement Project
BID #14-19:  Heater Replacement YMCA Pool (Public Work wants this released in June)
RFP #14-21:    Compensation and Classification Study
BID #14-22:  Security System Repairs, Maintenance & Upgrades
RFSQ #14-23: Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Continuing Engineering Consultant (Committee meeting this week)
RFSQ #14-25: Professional Engineering Services for Site Development Services (Community Development wants this released in June)
RFP: #14-26: Property Casualty, General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance  (HR wants this released in June)
BID: #14-27: FDOT LAP Sidewalk Project on Spruce Creek Road.
BID: 14-28:   Timber Sale  (Public Utilities wants this released in June)
Other Priority Projects:
·         Review, research and update spreadsheet with contract/bid/sole source approval concerning vendor purchasing thresholds for all purchases exceeding $25k. Review, research and update spreadsheet for all vendors over $19,999 with actions to ensure vendors maintain in compliance.
·         Coordinating aluminum scrap sale with Warehouse and Public Works staff.
·         Coordinating list of misc. surplus items for disposal. Gather information, create list, take photos, obtain approval.
·         Coordinating with IT Department removal of IT surplus items. Gather information, create list, take photos, obtain approval.
·         Meet with YMCA staff and City Manager to go over YMCA equipment purchases for 14 separate orders.
·         Coordinate the auction of 2 police department forfeiture vehicles with Legal, Police Department and Manheim.
Tom Cinefro
Purchasing Manager
City of Port Orange
1000 City Center Circle
Port Orange, FL 32129

7 thoughts on “(Part III)

  • June 23, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    What is really sad about this debacle is that our city employees, you know the ones raising their kids here, paying city taxes, investing in the community, are the ones being the fall guys instead of the leaders of the departments. Tom followed policy, why is he gone? This operation in the finance department is outrageous. The way I see it is these new out of area managers, with no investment in Port Orange, carpetbaggers, come in to OUR community, screw it up, make their 6 figure incomes, and leave town. The poor city workers, invested employees and Port Orange homeowners in public works, utility, and finance, have to work under a cloud of fear and intimidation every day. The Dick Kelton report should be thrown in the trash can. Thank goodness we have stability in police, fire, parks and rec, and community development. The other three departments are under siege. When will this all end? A good house cleaning is needed and it started with the utility dept. Who’s next?
    Bob Pohlmann

    • June 23, 2014 at 8:57 pm

      My hats off to you Mr. Pohlmann, you have stepped up and shown that you definitely have a big pair of cojones. This is proof positive of the law of commonality at work. It doesn’t matter whether your a liberal or a conservative this is definitely a non-partisan situation. Corruption is corruption and injustice is injustice and both people like yourself and Ted Noftall can agree in unison about this debacle. It is too bad that you are not running for city council this time around because I think based upon your courage and conviction that you would have a good chance of gaining councilman Kennedy’s seat if you were in that district.
      I know that councilman Bob Ford is a good man and does not approve of this dismal managerial corruption and I would surmise that this is not to the liking of Drew Bastian either. It would be nice to see our current city officials stand up and express their displeasure for this travesty. It appears that Don Burnette has gone silent so nobody knows whether he is appalled by this scandalous mess or he is fully supportive of this deceitful regime. If he has any political aspirations of becoming the next mayor after Green’s term is up he needs to come out of hiding and reveal whether he is one of the good guys or he is part of this self serving debacle.

    • June 23, 2014 at 10:12 pm

      There are still 2 more left at utilities upper management that need to go. The ass pud and Sr.engineer along with the CM’s management team that aid him in perpetuating the corruption and lies. That’s where the house cleaning should start.

  • June 23, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    We still have 2 many years of Green and his secrets! What are we citizens to do? They have secret meetings with our city manager, mayor and his mits. There is too much cover up and lying going on. I’ve seen great employees resign/ fired because of our former city manager, our new city manger and former utilities director. Our council keeps falling for or ignoring the deceit of our mayor, city manager and mits. Just look what is going on! Bad meters, finance that can’t add or subtract, abuse of loyal employees, the appearance of seemingly shady ideas/ deals with the Riverwalk project and very untrustworthy management. We keep getting reports that should go into the trash that we pay big $ for. ??????? What are we to do?

    • June 23, 2014 at 10:48 pm

      Some Ideas on What We Can All Do
      1) Show up at CC meetings and use your 3 minute Citizen Participation Option to say to council what you just said to us in this impassioned post. Public speaking gets easier the more you do it. Write it out and read it to them. Be heard. Bring a new topic or the same topic every week. It is your right to be heard. And our council and mayor need to hear from us. It’s our city.
      2) Network with other citizen activists to become informed. We can all be reached by phone or email. Strength in numbers. There are a bunch of smart personable folks out here concerned about clean, open, transparent government in Port Orange. If nothing else you will make some new friends and feel more connected. Just sitting in the room with some of these guys and chatting this stuff up has made me feel smarter. 
      3) Make a commitment to start attending City Council meetings and other meetings related to city business. Or watch POG TV Channel 199 on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM. All board meetings too are open to the public. Board meetings are not televised.
      4) Study the candidates, both incumbent and newly running, to learn their positions, alliances, campaign funding sources for their campaigns. Get involved in the campaigns of those you think will speak for you and your concerns.
      5) Say to yourself: “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore”. See link below:
      Dianne Templeton Gardner
      618 Ruth Street
      Port Orange, Florida 32127


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