What's really going on here?

whatsGoinfOnGood morning Robin,
Would you please provide a copy of all correspondence in connection with the recent  suspension, resignation or termination of the following employees in connection with the $411,000 unauthorized spending debacle.
Julia Wiggins
Jason Yarborough
Tom Cinefro
What is going on here.
Are the blogs correct in that meaningful communication is being diverted from  Manager Kisela’s s read file.
Who other than Kisela  could have suspended, terminated or accepted the resignation of Yarborough.
Thank you
Ted Noftall


One thought on “What's really going on here?

  • June 23, 2014 at 9:16 pm

    I guess before the internal inquiry was finished Yarborough knew that his goose was cooked for all the recidivistic acts that he was guilty of and also perpetrated down in Palm Bay. All the whitewashing and contingency planning rife with full discloser of all the information being funneled to him by the Lifesaver of testimony from the complainants that was supposed to be kept private until the conclusion of the inquiries transpired .did not save him. At the end of the day he knew he could not defend himself against so many credible witnesses and his Lifesaver was no longer able to insulate him or coerce the unified voice of so many honest and courageous employees standing together. Given the choice of being found guilty and reluctantly fired by his Lifesaver he probably chose to resign before the inquiry concluded.


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