Looks like he tried to tell the truth so he got fired – Here comes some bigtime litigation against the city

to:  Margaret Roberts,  City Attorney
As legal counsel to the elected representatives of the  people  I feel the following needs to be brought to your attention for a thorough review and analysis in preparation for discussion at this Tuesday’s Council meeting

  •  On  May 12th 2014 the former Purchasing manager Tom Cinefro was asked by his boss the Finance director Wayne Saunders to provide an outline of the Sunstate/ Unauthorized spending debacle.
  • Cinefro  submitted his memo to Saunders on May 13th  at 10:23am   ( Summary  memo – attached )
  • 23 minutes later at  10:46am  on May 13th    Saunders instructed Cinefro to come to his office to discuss same,  AND at 1:47 pm that day Cinefro forwarded a “revised” memo to Saunders.  ( Revised Summary memo – attached )
  • In an e-mail to Shannon Lewis ( Lewis e-mail  – attached )   on May 27th 2014 Cinefro alleges that Saunders ordered him to alter the Summary memo that would be relied on heavily in the  subsequent  investigation of the $ 411,000 un-authorized spending   in 4 important regards including omitting reference to procedures that were not followed.

At best Saunders action,  on which the manager’s office was appraised and appears to have taken no action of which anyone has been appraised,  is suspicious  and in need of explanation.
If Cinefro’s allegations are substantiated  not only is the Kelton report itself suspect having been prepared by the ICMA range rider who shortlisted  Kisela to his current position,  BUT THE material considered in that report assuming any material was considered at all could be equally suspect.
Council and the people they were elected to represent need to understand;  why Saunders ordered Cinefro  to alter his memo in a matter in which deceit was already manifest,  AND  the legal exposure Saunders actions have created in ordering a subordinate  to alter documents before he was  terminated.
They also need to understand if  further investigation needs to be initiated to determine if  legal action is appropriate regarding deception in which the Manager’s office now appears to be implicated.
Thank you for considering this most important matter.
Ted Noftall

May 12 from Saunders
 May 13 from Cinefro & Saunders


saunderMay13 May 27 from Cinefro to Shannon



One thought on “Looks like he tried to tell the truth so he got fired – Here comes some bigtime litigation against the city

  • June 23, 2014 at 8:30 pm

    The mid level managers have been crushed by upper management. They can only voice their findings and needs upward. To the level of distrust. If citizens can see it and Council can see it how must an honest hard working employee working under this régime survive. The blog has spoken the truth it just takes Council too long to see it and all we can tell them is Told You So More Egg on You Face. That does not stop the bleeding. The life of an FCCMA manager is 3-5 years in one location. Nothing more than a traveling circus. They don’t plan a future here they just work to keep padding it. The employees are here for the long haul. They make nowhere near the 6 digit salaries and benefits. We have heard cries from Mr. Cinefro and Mr. Woodman and many other anonymous employees on this blog. Shut Up or be FIRED! Take a trip back on the blog and see if the cries finally surfaced to become public truth. I have seen blogs of the best is yet to come. You have harped and harped on internal controls that do not exist. Do you think Council gets it now? These clowns can’t even agree if safeguards within their software exists or not. The internal controls are established at the TOP. It’s time for Council to act. Your previous requests to council were on the money.


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