Should some Port Orange Employees get paid more than the Florida Governor? – What do you think?

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overpaidDavid Wayne Saunders is a retread graduate of the ICMA Manager in Trouble program.
He is currently sucking down $ 143,000 as Port Orange’s overpaid and totally incompetent CFO compliments of Greg Kisela.
He does so under the pretext that knows something about accounting, and that he is a resident of Port Orange when in fact his driver’s license, voter registration, and homestead exemption indicates that he is a resident at 10824 Crescent Lane, Clermont  Fl  34711 and has been for 20 years.
This fraud was bounced as the Manager of Clermont and he needs to bounce on out of Port Orange right behind Kisela, Yarborough Pozzo and the rest of his ICMA range riding partners in crime and go rob some other town of unsuspecting  taxpayers.
Greg Kisela is going to leave Port Orange in worse shape that the ICMA fraud he replaced 18 months ago


3 thoughts on “Should some Port Orange Employees get paid more than the Florida Governor? – What do you think?

  • June 29, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    Remember – he was the second place candidate behind Kisela for City Manager. Hopefully now, they can see through him. Yes he definitely needs to ship out based on his performance (or lack of). 143 K ?? an absurd salary for the role he plays in a city this size. His subordinates have sunk while somehow he continues to snow them all and stand tall.

  • June 29, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    I think Port Orange should compensate their employees based on the value they add. In the case of people like Kisela, Saunders, and Yarborough that would be negative value. If these three were in business for themselves they would have suffered a personal economic loss. They cost the city millions so I would say they are worth somewhere south of zero. As far as how much a city employee should be paid, the answer is what their worth. Allen Green’s answer is what we can afford to pay them. That is a very subjective answer, and based upon what Green has been willing to pay incompetent hacks like Kisela, Saunders, and Yarborough you would think that money is growing on trees. The bottom line is this city needs a comprehensive salary survey and not the joke that the hacks that have been running the city are planning. Value needs to be identified and rewarded to ensure institutional knowledge depth, competency, efficiency of operations, continuity of operations, and revenue generation. This current organizational implosion is occurring because Allen Green, Greg Kisela, and their FCCMA/ICMA hacks have been driving the bus in the name of politics, special interest, and the Allen Green agenda. The City of Port Orange will be devastated if this organizational implosion is allowed to proceed till the bitter end, because at that time the cry of the citizens will be “Where is John Galt”. It is not to late to clean this mess up, but if we do nothing then hopefully this failed city will rise again from the ashes like the phoenix.

  • June 29, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    It is impossible for the incompetent Wayne Saunders to remain in Port Orange as CFO now that Mr. Kisela is range riding into the sunset. The only way he will be able to stay is if Allen Green is able to expeditiously import another triad of self supporting incompetent FCCMA MIT retreads that will answer to him and him alone. Without the spin doctor Mr. Kisela, and his whitewash consultations via the Range Rider, Dick Kelton, who is left to blow smoke up our assess about the CFO’s performance besides Mr. Green Jeans?


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