Scott Stiltner position on the planned $10 million giveaway

Say NO to gifts to Developers

WHERE I STAND . . . On Monday at 4:45pm there will be a CRA meeting at City Hall to consider a request from the private developer wishing to build condos in the Riverwalk area. The developer is asking for over $10 million in tax increment funding from the residents of Port Orange. I want to be clear on where I stand. I support the Riverwalk area and redevelopment of the east side in the CRA district. However, I am strongly opposed to approving over $10 million of taxpayer funds being given to a private developer. The tax payers of Port Orange have already paid over $11 million into this project area over the past 16 years and there is still nothing to show for it. This is a very high risk development in the first place. Similar attempts to build riverfront condos in Holly Hill and South Daytona have struggled badly. In addition, as I speak with residents daily, I am confident that the majority of our residents do not want to see high rise condos in that location in the first place.

Current and future tax dollars for the CRA District must stay under the control of the City and taxpayers. Future tax dollars generated from the developments on the east side of the City will be needed to fund infrastructure improvements, maintenance and services well into future decades. We cannot afford to give away millions of dollars to private developers. I wish the private developers well and good luck, but as they move forward, I believe they must do so on their own funding and at their own risk, not on the dollars of tax payers. The City needs to focus on the development of the public areas of Riverwalk and start showing progress. We have waited and paid a lot, let’s get on with it! And that is WHERE I STAND!
— Scott Stiltner
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