Will management finally have to answer to the City Council?

governmentHi Mark,

I’ve been listening to you and some other members of the Audit and Budget Board point out similar problems with the sorry state of the Finance Department for some time now. I’ve also been listening to the Finance Director provide the same old mushy-headed “answers” to your complaints for some time now. The complaints stay the same, the answers stay the same, in other words the problems stay the same. Maybe now that the Finance Director’s main FCCMA/ICCMA, Range-ridin’, MIT-hirin’ benefactor is on the way out, he’ll have to make some changes. Fat chance. Unfortunately, the rest of the City provides too much of a smokescreen to hide behind for him to do that.

A Finance Department that can’t balance a checkbook can easily get lost in the company of a Public Works Department that can’t mow the grass, a Public Utilities Department that can’t install a water meter, a Community Development Department gives us a 4-lane road with a 25-mile-per-hour speed limit, and, FINALLY a City Council that is gearing up to subsidize Buddy LaCour’s 17-story Condabominations with over 10 million dollars of tax money! The City has plenty of people capable of balancing checkbooks, installing water meters, etc. etc. so the problem is not with the employees, it’s with management. It’s always with management. And management will finally have to answer to the City Council.

And that is the TRULY depressing thought! Yep–those five guys that are working so hard to slide money out of my wallet and into the pockets of Buddy LaCour are the ones in charge of the whole ball of wax? I might just go ahead and hang myself right now if it weren’t for our one ace in the hole. The City Council ultimately has to answer to the PEOPLE of Port Orange and I truly believe that the people will get it right. At 4:45 this Monday afternoon we’ll have a chance to bring a little sanity back to the City Council and turn them away from government for the developer and back to government for the people. Hoping to see lots of concerned people at City Hall on Monday.

Mike Gardner
618 Ruth St
Port Orange, FL 32127

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