City moves closer to naming Greg Kisela new city manager

Published: Monday, June 30, 2014 at 19:44 PM.


With a 6-0 vote Monday afternoon, the Destin City Council agreed to a proposed contract with former city manager Greg Kisela.

“He’s an amazing gentleman… he’s excited to come back, and I’m excited to have him come back,” said Mayor Mel Ponder after the vote.
Per terms of the proposed contract, Kisela’s compensation wouldn’t exceed what he made prior to his resignation in 2011. When he left, his total compensation was just over $159,000.
Kisela resigned from the city of Destin to pursue a job as county administrator in Walton County. After a short term on the job, he left to become the city manager in Port Orange.
Ponder told his colleagues that if Kisela agrees to the contract, he would give a 60-day notice in Port Orange.
Kisela said last week that he would welcome the opportunity to come back to Destin. He was the city manager in Destin for 7 1/2 years.
Kisela, if he agrees to a contact, will replace current City Manager Maryann Ustick, who resigned last month and will take a job in New Mexico.

6 thoughts on “City moves closer to naming Greg Kisela new city manager

  • June 30, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    You have to understand that these FCCMA managers have a born on date of roughly 4 years and are generally imported for political reasons. Look at the fire chief Joe Pozzo that just retired he was with Volusia County for a short time and had a couple of chief positions for a short stint in two other places in Virginia. About 3 to 4 year stints. He is also an FCCMA manager like Jason Yarborough and Saunders. Ordinarily these FCCMA managers have jaded pasts because they do not take positions to become organizational stakeholders like most other employees, but they are generally imported for their assignments by some politician or politicians to accomplish some political agenda.
    These agendas vary and sometimes there are multiple agendas. It could be for their expertise or experience in facilitating or expediting major development initiatives. Sometimes it is to streamline and reorganize organizations. They generally call someone like that an hatchet man, and these types usually have the shortest born on dates. Some come in as union busters, and you will see this a lot with police or fire chiefs who have made their careers floating around on missions from the FCCMA or league of cities.
    One thing all of these FCCMA managers have in common, with the exception of a very few is that they are organizational interlopers and they never intend to become stakeholders with the employees they manage. It is a self serving existence and must be very lonely. Their mission is not about holistic organizational management or stakeholdership but is to accomplish a specific political agenda that they have been imported to accomplish. In rare cases this type of manager may find a home in the organization once their mission is accomplished but their mission is generally inconsistent with longevity so they move on or are asked to leave.
    Unfortunately this kind of management is causing the implosion of the city government organization in Port Orange. The recent importation of retread management in Port Orange has reached a point of diminishing returns and has finally manifested its ill effects. This is primarily because the political mission or missions these FCCMA managers have been imported for are not very healthy and have nothing to do with holistic management of the organization. Managers have not been imported for their skill sets in their respective disciplines or the successes in their past career. They have been imported for their willingness to support the political agendas of politicians like Mayor Allen Green and these agendas have to do with facilitating development, streamlining the organization, union busting, and squeezing employees while hammering down any resistance.
    The result of this is now organizational implosion. Their will be loss of institutional knowledge, eradication of competent successorship, and loss of stakeholdership. This goes hand in hand with non-transparency in government, special interest agendas, and suppression of information exchange. This type of controlling and stifling management style that is imported to facilitate a political agenda inevitably damages an organization, and if they are carried out to a fault and persist too long, they inevitably cause an organization to implode and possibly destroy the structure of that organization. When this becomes apparent these FCCMA managers prepare an exit plan if they have not already been forced to retire.
    In the case of Jason Yarborough, he hung around to long. Pozzo decided to quit right away because he came in at the beginning of the organizational implosion and didn’t want to be soiled by it. Kisela has reaped what he has sown, and has decided to get out fast because he sees the handwriting on the wall. Saunders will probably hang around too long like Yarborough did, and end up the way he did in Clermont. This is the legacy of Allen Green’s imported FCCMA temporary political management team.

    • July 1, 2014 at 6:14 am

      Proclus ..You have nailed it in my opinion…and we no doubt will be looking at a similarly agendaed individual when the next Manchurian candidate is hired to carry out the rest of Green ‘s business driven plan for himself, Lacour et al. He has two more years on to pay off all his cronies while he still holds the gavel…and he will boys and girls..our only hope is to get another vote on the council in District 4…..and change this 3/2 mantra. ..Green’s’attempt last night to manipulate the CRA board to agree in principle to a yes vote even before the bond issue is resolved was fascinating to watch…the guy’s been doing this kind of crap for his benefit for a long time..and he is good at it.. this mayor is the unseen hand in all this.
      And the master developer really turned out the troops.. and I really loved the story about Cookie the dog and how he/she died before Riverwalk ever came to fruition….poor Cookie….tugged at my heart strings..we were watching some real professionals last night..
      Hope folks are paying attention.also the way they shoved the dirt scandal under the rug too last night was breathtaking…not needing any citizens commenting on that one do we?
      All the candidates who spoke last night in favor of Tax sharing for Buddy had received $1000 bucks from him..check it out on the City’s website in their filing papers….Yep…we have honest and transparent government going on here in Sin City….just ask Mayor Green….he also donated $200 to one of the candidates ….guess some research..
      So gang…don’t give up…keep up the scrutiny and the analysis. We could use some more folks showing up at council meetings. ..they are trying to demonize the activists… some new faces would help……we can achieve open transparent government here in Port Orange….I am in for the long haul..

  • June 30, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Sounds like we need a new recruiter. Has anybody seen the severance package for Yarborough or Cinefro or Pozzo? Can’t wait to see the Golden Parachute for the 60 day City Manager. It’s official they can’t fire him. Or can they? Would termination set the parachute ablaze? How much would the taxpayers save on termination vs resignation? No further investment required. How would the mayor rate the return to the shareholder on this decision? I wonder if the City Manager will have room for a stubborn ornery old jack ass that has lost its mind in the back of his truck?

  • July 1, 2014 at 8:11 am

    Heard from someone that knows that Buddy paid that woman with the service dog to be at last nights meeting so he could tell the story about his dead dog.
    Also part of the plan was if the $10 million vote did not occur then the Mayor was schedule to poll the committee in order to commit them to a yes vote at a later date thereby exposing the city to a law suit if they failed to do so. His plan worked . — Very devious

  • July 1, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    The Green/Kisela systemic organizational implosion continues. Will the desperation and insanity of this tyrant and his lackey ensue until there is utter destruction? Will he try to facilitate and end run on the council from behind the scenes at city hall and bunker with his short term CEO to try to preserve his opaque regime and fight against the new paradigm of transparent governance? How much collateral damage, reprisals, and irreparable damage will ensue before the rest of the council and the citizens of Port Orange demand an end to this?


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