Greg: "I'm glad you weren't happy, now you know how a lot of the citizens felt"


With amusement I read your statements as quoted by the News Journal, typical of politicians in todays world the blame never rests with the person in charge does it?
” If you dig a little deeper you will see why this many people are leaving”???, Seriously sir, since your hiring the city has indeed dug a little deeper into its hole of mismanagement hasn’t it sir?  Under your leadership we’ve had problem after problem and now when the going gets tough the city manager opts out and will now  vanish into the sunset as if he had no hand in this?   
I would have thought that the leadership in Destin would have been able to get media coverage but apparently not.
Another wonderful quote:  ” heavy criticism of city employees by a small group of citizens created a tense environment”  again, seriously sir?  A tiny small group of citizens in a city this size made this environment happen, if that wasn’t written as a true quote and I hope it wasn’t that’s about as laughable as it gets.
Count me in as one of those citizens sir, my problem went to your utilities department who were constantly rude, except for the young lady in had personal contact with when I walked in.  My water was threatened to have been cut off because I was late on a payment, not having missed 3 months or anything like that, late???
I paid the very same day at 9 AM by leaving the check in the drop box.  I called at 3 30 PM and my account hadn’t been credited with the check amount, so I stopped by, not mad, not making a scene.
I was told to my face that they only check the drop box once a day early in the morning, mind you the drop box is right there in the same office????  While in there I overheard the supervisor telling one of the workers, that be on your toes a “trouble maker” would be stopping in soon, not knowing I had already spoken to her from the parking lot and was indeed standing there.  One of the counter workers said to the other one, ” we constantly get complainers like that all the time, what’s this one done that we have to bend over for”????  
I never said a word, never let on it was me she was talking about.  To the workers credit who handled me, she was kind, courteous professional, she took my check out of the envelope and credited to my account and I wished her a good day and left.  Promote that young lady now whom ever she is because she to me truly cares.
My experience in YOUR utilities department just mirrored what I read and heard about others having similar problems, the non caring attitudes and superiority complexes run amok in port orange and a lot of that has to do with your arrival here as do the myriad of problems that cropped up since then under your watch.
Another pearl of wisdom from you in the paper, ” if you are completely happy where you are when someone calls with another job offer you aren’t going to be receptive”.
I’m glad you weren’t happy, now you know how a lot of the citizens felt.
Your placement of blame is truly sad, the buck stops with your office and your office only, that’s why you got the big money sir, to fix problems not to be the architect of more and then place blame on everyone else by yourself.
I for one congratulate you on your next position in Destin, godspeed to you on your way out of the City, be especially careful the door doesn’t close to quickly on your backside as you exit for the last time.  
Take care.
Jim Anderson

2 thoughts on “Greg: "I'm glad you weren't happy, now you know how a lot of the citizens felt"

  • July 2, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    That wasn’t utilities when you paid your water bill. That was the finance department. They collect the water bills.

  • July 2, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    Dear Mr. Anderso n, I can truly understand your frustration but PLEASE, PLEASE don’t blame the Utility Department.
    Anything to do wiith billing, bill paying, etc. is strickly a function of the Finance Department. They are the ones you should be directing your criticism at.


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