The right of citizens to question their government.

citizensMr.  Mayor and Mr. City Manager,

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Ted Noftall recently wrote to you:

“If the situation in Port Orange government was not as serious as it is both of your comments would be comical.  As it is you both need to STOP IT with the blame it all on unnamed citizen activists and council members.   If there was anything other than a cesspool  of deceit and management incompetence  underlying recent  criticism Port Orange’s  citizen activists  would have dried up and blown away long ago.” . . . .

I totally agree with Mr. Noftall and I would not too respectfully caution you to address the many bad issues you have the responsibility to remedy and cease your attempt to blame citizen activists for your failures.  If you succeed in you attempts to blame citizens for your administrative problems, I note that the next step is to severely restrict citizen input which does not  flatter your legacy or personal vision for Port Orange.

Worse for a city administration which has  failed to collect millions of dollars in revenue owed to the city, juggling of the accounts, delaying public disclosure is any attempt leading to censure of  interested citizens.

You in city administration have an outlet to defend your administrative actions by engaging the citizens speaking to the issues when they appear before you and replying and commenting to opinions you disagree with that are posted on blogs.

I warn you. Warn you.  It will not be tolerated that you start to intimidate citizens from speaking out about what they know is wrong.  I cannot honestly write, what they think is wrong.  The incriminating record documenting  your administration is an historical fact.

Do not make it worse by being stupid.

From Hank Springer
386 852 3178 

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