"who would want to work in an environment like this" — Allen Green


Allen_Green“who would want to work in an environment like this” — Allen Green
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Comment by Hank Springer:
If there had not been the residual mistakes left by Parker and not immediately cleared up by Kisela, and if there had not been the new problems which developed because of weak reform by Kisela, and Financial cover ups by Saunders, there would have been no arguments to offer by activists.  I applaud the activists and their courage to get involved with what is wrong in Port Orange City Government.
It is telling that Mayor Green has foremost on his mind the activists who show up to address the city council at every meeting and point out that reform is too slow, and new financial issues are happening, and not that the city government he is mayor of is running amok, and has poor leadership.
It is very possible that Mayor Green who has been in city government ever since he was born, and as he is oft to remind people, he was born in Port Orange, is part of the problem.  The culture of financial juggling and cover up is one which Green has overseen for many years.  My thoughts perhaps are not considered valuable to Mayor Green since I only arrived in Port Orange in 1994, but in such little time I have seen Mayor Allen Green not announce at a city council meeting to the other councilman that Parker was making a special financial deal with the finance director who allowed 1.3 million dollars of revenue not to be collected, and the Mayor was in on the deal Parker and LaCour were hatching to buy on behalf of the city, a funeral home for twice its worth. In the Lohman funeral home only one person knew about the secret purchase before the city council was asked to reimburse LaCour 800,000 thousand dollars for a piece of property worth only 400,000 and that person in the know was Mayor Allen Green.
The legacy of Mayor Allen Green has been tarnished by his secretive knowledge and blaming others for the rotten environment in city hall.
– sincerely, Hank Springer
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One thought on “"who would want to work in an environment like this" — Allen Green

  • July 2, 2014 at 7:14 am

    Mayor Green commented in the article that this was only the “tip of the iceberg”. He is so right. My advice to him is to start wearing one of those construction hard hats at all times because the crap is going to start coming down on him in a big way. He has managed to incur the wrath of many, many good citizens.


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