No U-Turn citation cost $166.00 and three points

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 “New Regulatory No U-Turn Sign Installed”

In an effort to facilitate reduced traffic congestion in the 1700 block of Dunlawton Avenue, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has recently installed a regulatory “No U-Turn” sign at the median break directly in front of the Chick-Fil-A restaurant/Target Plaza. Traveling eastbound, only a left turn into this plaza is authorized. Vehicles traveling eastbound on Dunlawton Avenue that would like to U-turn and head westbound are being diverted to the intersection of Yorktown Blvd and Dunlawton Avenue to complete such U-turn.
The Port Orange Police Department has put out message boards warning drivers of the newly installed “No U-Turn” sign. Additionally, through an educational phase concerning the new sign, concluding on July 18th, 2014 Port Orange Traffic Officers will be in this area stopping violators that complete the U-turn where it is now prohibited and shall issue a written warning for the violation. After the educational phase and beginning on July 21st, 2014 drivers that violate this “No U-turn” where the sign prohibits such will be subject to a moving traffic citation costing $166.00 and three points on their driver’s license.
If you have any questions or would like additional information about the above information, please contact Sergeant Thomas Aiken of the Port Orange Police Traffic Unit at (386)506-5840.
Wayne M. Miller
Assistant Chief of Police
(386) 506-5810 

Big Mistake?

.June 6, 2014

»çȸAt the last council meeting it was announced that FDOT will promulgate a :”No U-Turn”  regulation on Dunlawton at the intersection of the Lowes/Target Driveway.   The FDOT Traffic Engineers told the city that accident experiences at that location did not justify that type of regulation and advised against it , but yielded to the request when told by city staff that’s what the Mayor wanted .

I am unsure what the Mayor planned to gain with this new regulation, but I suggest it will have additional negative impacts on traffic safety & capacity on Dunlawton.  Perhaps he erroneously assumed that he could make that U-Turn traffic totally disappear in the area by prohibiting it from using that turn-bay (Really!).  Big mistake!
 The effected traffic will now be forced to pass through that intersection twice to travel westbound.   In addition everyone familiar with the area knows that the turn-bay at Yorktown is already near capacity during a good portion of the day. Thus, the additional relocated U-Turn traffic will have major impacts on the LOS at that intersection.  Moreover, that relocated returning westbound traffic on Dunlawton will fill in some of the few remaining traffic flow gaps that today allows the congested left turning movements into the Lowes/Target driveway.
Also, most likely some motorist unfamiliar with the area and this new traffic plan will now make the left into the Lowes/Target driveway and make a U-Turn in the parking lots internal roadways to proceed westbound especially when Police are present.
Traffic flow problems operate somewhat like balloons, squeeze it at one spot and and it will pop out in another.
Because of this type of convoluted thinking by politicians we now: DRIVE on Parkways  &  PARK in Driveways …  And why Mayor’s should not be allowed to play in traffic.

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