Dunlawton Ave U-Turns: It is ultimately the FDOT that makes the final determination.

I have been advised that there has been some discussion by individuals stating that the “No U-Turn” sign which has been placed in front of Target was done at the behest of the Mayor. While everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion and entitled to express that publically, I write this to clear up any misconceptions regarding this action. It should be known publically that both you and I objected to this change and conveyed that to the four members of the FDOT staff on our visit to the FDOT headquarters in Deland on May 28th. The fact of the matter is that it was you and I that advised FDOT officials that the accident experience at that location did not justify the placement of the sign but FDOT officials opined differently because of the conflict of the U-turn with the vehicles exiting the Target driveway. We further expressed that this change would also impact the Yorktown & Dunlawton Ave intersection congestion. While the subsequent issues with enforcement are obvious and going to be challenging, that did not factor in FDOT officials decision. It should also be made clear that Dunlawton is a State Highway and under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Transportations’ s purview. While we do have input into the decision-making process therein, it is ultimately the FDOT that makes the final determination as they did in this matter. Pursuant to that determination, we will respond accordingly in our enforcement at this location.
Gerald M. Monahan, Jr.
Chief of Police
Port Orange Police Department
4545 Clyde Morris Blvd.
Port Orange, Fl. 32129
3867565311 (Fax)

3 thoughts on “Dunlawton Ave U-Turns: It is ultimately the FDOT that makes the final determination.

  • July 15, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    Years ago when I had heard that a U turn would be permitted in front of Targets I e mailed Mr. Parker and told him that I did not think a U turn at this location would work. Parker told me that DOT makes the decision.
    I am in favor of allowing no U turns on Dunlawton ave. at Targets. Besides the traffic coming out of Target there forever west bound traffic on Dunlawton Ave. from Yorketowne blvd. that is hell bent on rushing up to I 95. And there have been lines of vehicles in the U turn lane in front of Target which sometimes extends out into the third fast east bound lane of dunlawton ave. I myself prefer to go down to Yorktowne Blvd. and safely wait for the left turn signal to turn green for me to go into that shopping parking center.
    I have known of some serious rear end collisions going west bound on Dunlawton Ave., before the U Turn intersection. I wonder if we have statistics which show little accidents at the U turn, but perhaps statistics which show more rear end accidents due to west bound traffic slowing to avoid a collision at the u turn intersection.

  • July 16, 2014 at 10:25 pm

    Something is wrong with this picture.
    The Chief says the State installed the N0-u-turn sign at the Target driveway because the turning vehicles interfered with cars exiting that driveway. However about 100 feet west of that location there are a lot of cars making u-turns in front of BJs driveway interfering with cars exiting BJs driveway.
    In addition at Yorktown were the u-turns now occur there are lots of cars making right turn on red turns out of Yorktown interfering with that u-turn trafffic.
    Can someone please explain the difference I’m confused

    • July 17, 2014 at 8:38 am

      So ‘Mr. Confused’ recent observations indicate that the U-turn prohibition at this location may not be a standard FDOT policy as stated. Then that begs the question – was this intersection really singled out for some type of political reasons by someone.
      So what’s the real story


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