Port Orange residents furious at city for contractor debt


dirtDealLandPORT ORANGE, Fla. —  Some furious residents are asking Port Orange leaders why they’re not fighting to recover money the city is owed from a contractor.

The contractor admits it owes a million dollars for a pile of missing dirt and an unfinished construction project at the intersection of Shunz and Tomoka Farms roads in Port Orange.
“It seems like the city is willing to settle for basically a mound of dirt that they claim to be worth a million dollars,” said resident Mike Gardner.
Some like Gardner have been doing some digging and said the city could be owed twice as much by Halifax Paving.
The company has been contracted since 2005 to dig two lakes for reclaimed water and stockpile dirt at the city’s well fields.
Gardner said the company is not being required to pay penalties for not completing the work on time and for expensive fill dirt missing from the site.
WFTV found out the work still isn’t finished.
“The city, I think, should be pushing a little harder for a better deal for the taxpayers,” Gardner said.
City leaders, like council member Bob Ford, are the ones who will be voting on the agreement with Halifax Paving, that would only require the company to pay the $1 million.
“It’s like a moving target to try to make a decision on it,” Ford said.
He said he won’t approve it until any concerns are addressed.
“There are some troubles aspects to this, I guess you would call it, dirt deal,” Ford said.
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One thought on “Port Orange residents furious at city for contractor debt

  • July 18, 2014 at 10:20 am

    Why do you think Allen Green isn’t pushing Halifax Paving for the full restitution they owe the city? Could it be that Halifax Paving knows the destination of all the unaccounted for loads that seemed to dissapear into the Ozone? Do you think that might have something to do with Parker and Smith telling Mr. Woodman to shut up and mind your own business or you will be fired when he expressed his concerns about irregularities in monitoring and accounting of the city’s interests during the excavation and hauling of dirt? Does the contractual leniency towards Halifax Paving that the mayor has spearheaded an insurance policy to make sure that Halifax Paving does not recover from its amnesia regarding hundreds of thousands of cubic yards destination unknown? Is this a mystery that might be solved by Pam Bondi and FDLE?


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