Riverwalk: LaCour/Anatasoski Swap Cypress Head & Create A East-West Port Orange Experience

A Brainstorm email – Not Ridicule … 
golfRiverwalk + Riverwalk Golf Course f/k/a ‘Cypress Head’ = Total Port Orange Experience For Desirable Demographic
Personally, the 3-2 vote on the LaCour/Anatasoski proposal was disappointing.
It’s unclear, and apparently in dispute, whether the vote was binding. According to CoPO bond counsel, I am under the impression that it was a non-binding vote, pending additional information.
Having said that, if the 3 votes on the council are going to highly incentivise LaCour/Anatasoski, then I think we have to consider helping the project succeed.
I visited Cypress Head this afternoon. And the issue of land swaps were in my head.
Package the ‘river experience’ with the ‘golf’ experience, I think would be very attractive to this demographic. And they can meet up with other like demographic at the Riverwalk Golf Course.
Swap over the ‘Riverwalk Golf Course’, f/k/a Cypress Head, to LaCour/Anatasoski. It creates a linkage to the West side of Port Orange. A total Port Orange experience the entire route. And link to other condominium developments that will obviously be built on the Ridgewood Riverwalk.
Here is the Google Maps link.
The privatized Riverwalk Golf Course could then work with the surrounding HOA’s to further consolidate memberships.
It is fact, that the golf course is not a core competency of the CoPO. And this is not a public park. And to invest close to $2million w/o it being a core competency, and for such a narrow purpose, is a very questionable step.
There is no linkage to what this golf course needs. Demographic. Private sector developers are in touch with what consumers and this demographic wants. The CoPO is not.
As more condominiums are built along Ridgewood riverfront, they would continue linking to Riverwalk Golf Course.
I would encourage the CoPO to get creative and not consider this ridicule.
The CoPO should not proceed with $2 million in capital improvements. It’s not a core competency.

Tom [Tommy] Menocal
Port Orange, FL
g: 414.367.4140 – GoogleVoice#

5 thoughts on “Riverwalk: LaCour/Anatasoski Swap Cypress Head & Create A East-West Port Orange Experience

  • July 23, 2014 at 10:37 pm

    Tom , are you thinking of a miniature golf course for families or a full size golf course for chamber of commerce people, real estate agents , bankers, and my two sons who visit about twice a year?

  • July 24, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    This Tom Menocal is one hell of a smart guy with inovative ideas. He’s a forward thinker and I personally believe he should run for council next time around. I wouldn’t mind having Mike Gardner on the council either…he really knows how to DIG UP FACTS.

    • July 27, 2014 at 5:03 pm

      I have been following Tom Menocal since he has emerged as a regular citizen commentator at council meetings. I have heard some really stupid critical comments about him from malfeasant city administrative employees regarding his giddy demeanor and bodily antics.
      I listened to what he has said, and I think the guy is a genius. He is very eclectic in the way he thinks out side the box, and he not only identifies holistic problems but he identifies holistic solutions. I really like his somewhat comedic self effacing recognition of his histrionic hand gestures and his prance up to the podium. This dude is very eclectic, and he is ingenious. He is a breath of fresh air from the whited walls, the posers, and the superficial wannabees that most of the new political hopefuls are.
      I get the impression that he has no hidden agendas, and that he is excited about making an honest contribution to the community he lives in. If they have not already, I think Mike Gardner, Ted Noftall, Hank Springer, Mr. Shafer, and the rest of the citizen activists should embrace Mr. Menocal and harvest his genius. I don’t think Mr. Menocal is a big ego person, I think he has transcended that and is a big super ego person. We need to embrace genius like his and encourage him to take a leadership role.

      • July 27, 2014 at 6:06 pm

        Proclus, thank you for the full name of Tom Menocal. Right now, 604 pm 7 27 14, is going up to u tube and will be embeded in my web site, http://www.popdradiolog.com His microphone was poor and I did not catch his full name.
        Yes, from what I have seen of him he looks likes a bright guy. I will try to report all of his ideas.

        • July 27, 2014 at 6:07 pm

          meant to write video is going up to u tube of
          Tom’s most recent address to the city council.


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