Email Exchanges Between Mayor Green and Hank Springer

email exchanges between Mayor Green and Hank Springer:
Henry Springer
12:51 PM
To: Green, Allen
hank4Fair enough Mayor.  I look forward to a frank exchange about the issues.  Please phone me at your convenience and we will set up a meeting date, time and location.  Because my wife is an invalid and is connected to an oxygen machine it would be convenient for me if we could meet at my place.  I have an unoccupied unit right next to mine which is nicely furnished with very comfortable seating arrangements and we would not be disturbed by anyone or my dogs.  Please phone me.  386 852 3178
Thank you for your response
From Hank Springer
386 852 3178

 Subject: RE: Hank requests to meet with Mayor Green
 Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2014 09:36:48 +0000 8:00 am Friday July 25 th
 City Hall Mayor’s office For every question asked you will also be asked a question requiring a response.

From: Henry Springer []
hank4 Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 8:39 PM
To: Green, Allen; Ford, Bob; Rivera, Cynthia; Kennedy, Dennis; Burnette, Don; Drew Bastian; Kisela, Greg; Hank Springer; Pat Nelan; Lewis, Shannon
Subject: Hank requests to meet with Mayor Green
> Hank Requests to Meet with Mayor Green
> —-
> Dear Mayor Green,
> cc to city council and City Manager.
> Mayor I would like to take you up on your offer to sit down with anyone and discuss issues. You made that offer during the Port Orange City Council Meeting of July 22 2014.
> I agree to discuss with you any issue of your own you wish to speak about and I would like to discuss with you the following issues which concern me.
> 1. Your avoidance of e mail correspondence.
> 2. In a telephone conversation with you, we had discussed your communication with Mr. Parker during the time he was formatting the legal deal regarding benefits for the former finance Director, Mr. Shelly, in preparation for his resignation. I met with Mr. Parker one on one, after he had returned from Israel, and he had told me that a certain part of your rendition of your dialogue with Mr. Parker did not happen. I would like to discuss this with you. Also in regards to our telephone conversation you told me that you did not want to inform other city council members about the deal that was in the works, because you did not want city employees to leave their jobs en masse. We need to discuss that timeline as presented by you to me about employee morale at the time, because I find it is not correct.
> 3. The efforts among you, Mr. Parker and Mr. Lacour to buy the Lohmann funeral home, and why no other member of the CRA was advised of the purchase until that group was asked to refund the purchase price to Mr. LaCour.
> 4. Although you have a legal opinion that you need not recluse yourself in city matters concerning Mr. LaCour, the negative implications of perception in not removing you from input and votes on the Riverwalk Project.
> 5. The jump by you in a city council meeting, or perhaps it was a CRA meeting, to volunteer to be the sole representative for city council members in exploring issues with Mr. LaCour.
> 6. Construction work done for the city of Port Orange by yourself and your son.
> 7. Your opinion of citizen activists.
> 8. Your opinion of many negative issues being spoken about by the news media, blogs and people.
> 9. Your opinion as to why more negative issues keep being found and why true reform has not yet been instituted in city government.
> 10. Please clarify why you think people who want to keep taxes down are not “good citizens”.
> 11. Please clarify why you do not approve of citizens bringing their complaints to city council people.
> 12. Please explain your statement that Ted Noftall not being a good citizen was only part of the problem. Please expand on your complete problem.
> 13. Please explain why you prefer that a city councilman not refer to the Master Developer by his name.
> 14. Please explain why you would not let a citizen speak at a city council meeting, and you denied a city council man’s request to let the citizen speak.
> 15. Please explain your perspective on why the landscaping service which had been performing good or at least satisfactory work for the city for many years, suddenly quit.
> 16. If I think of more issues to discuss I will inform you so that you may be prepared to answer.
> 17. I would like to bring a person to our meeting to only act as a witness on my behalf.
> 18. Will you allow me to voice tape record our meeting and to video tape our discussion?
> Please contact me as to when we can meet.
> Hank springer 386 852 3178


10 thoughts on “Email Exchanges Between Mayor Green and Hank Springer

  • July 24, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    What the hell kind of arrogant response is that ?

  • July 24, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    It will be interesting especially because Hank asked to record the meeting and have someone else present. I’m pretty sure Hank can hold his own with the Mayor. Hank’s a pretty smart guy.

    • July 24, 2014 at 4:43 pm

      Ahhh yes, I see that now.
      Could he be saying, ” I’m fair game as your City Manager, but when I leave this employment you better tone it down” or face legal action ?

      • July 24, 2014 at 6:27 pm

        Mazie thank you for confidence in me. Answering any questions posed by Mayor Green is no sweat for me. The right for citizens to criticize our public leaders is well appreciated by me. I also expect to be quizzed on speculation and suspicions vs. facts. I fully appreciate the thought process in those kinds of publications and I do not think I will be speechless if those questions are posed.
        I look at our meeting as an excellent way for Mayor Green to bring forth his side and opinions of the negative things and blogging which have been posted. If both Green and I are honest, perhaps some good will come from our meeting.
        But for this to happen, in my opinion, Green would have to let down his highly defensive stance against any criticism, and meet the speculations, suspicions and facts giving some merit to how they arose. In recent days, speculations and suspicions have mostly been generated on the basis of negative facts which have been revealed.
        If we are both honest, some good will come from this discussion. If one of us hides behind subjectivity or dishonesty, that one will probably lose in the public’s eyes.
        I am not a Cronkite or Murray, and if I am allowed to video, the production will not be of professional quality, but the basic statements and opinions will come across.
        I have done three interviews on video. Bob Pohlmann, Ken Parker when he was city manager and had announced his retirement plans, and an interview with the Fire union heads. I go into these interviews with no special skills but complete honesty, and the advantageous attitude to be helpful to the one interviewed so that he is able to put his best slant forward on issues.
        If the slant or spin is not realistic and completely honest than the one being interviewed will come out looking like the mayor did with Lori Brown.
        And yes, I will be interviewed by Green and I wonder if my honest answers to him will surprise him.
        I do not look upon this as the king debate of the century, but I do recognize that the mayor sitting down with me to answer some blunt questions which the public will see, is probably a first for him and the citizens. Or was Lori Browns’ interview the first for him and the public?
        To concerned citizen I think your comments were meant for another section on this blog, that section being Kisela Amused /// Purchasing Manager Screwed

    • July 28, 2014 at 7:54 am

      ATTORNEY should accompany.

      • July 28, 2014 at 11:54 am

        To Mr. Anon. I think an attorney would stifle a frank conversation. I would be uncomfortable with an attorney in the room for either Green or me. If Green would not like to comment on any issue I might bring up I would like his refusal to be his own, and not one on advice of counsel.

  • July 24, 2014 at 10:25 pm

    Hank, I would say that no one could question your pursuit of objectivity and honest disclosure and transparency in your endeavor to have an honest and open dialogue with the mayor. To chronicle this and make it available to the public makes honest sense, and your willingness to put it out there is evidence of your integrity. Please do not become discouraged because I believe that you are on the precipice of bringing forth a new paradigm of open governance that will revolutionize the efficacy of local government.
    Some might question your subjectivity but not your integrity because you are willing to put up or shut up. I personally may not agree with all of your opinions, but I certainly have a tremendous amount of respect for you because you are a true warrior .
    Warriors and politicians are different in that warriors have faith, because warriors know that it is not important whether you win or lose buy it is important in how you play the game. Warriors know that the universe will inevitably right all things and that our efforts are not in vain, but that our efforts are part and parcel of a new and emerging paradigm that inevitably must prevail.
    I think that you and I could meet and hash out our differences with integrity and find an evolutionary synthesis of mutually beneficial ideas that would evolve this new paradigm. You may be an old man, but you have the cojones to meet mayor Green in an honest and open forum without the deck stacked in your favor or his, and you are willing to get down to the truth. I sincerely doubt if mayor Green will take you up on an honest and transparent interaction that will shed light on the present shameful debacle.
    .The reason why I think Green will never take you up on this is because I think he is a coward that is insulated by his political power and is desperately avoiding open governance. He is probably trying to reconstitute his imploding administrative city management team and insert place holders that he can control from behind the scenes that will not prevent him from occluding open and transparent governance. He will desperately try to assign incompetent interim puppets until he is able to funnel in a more wily and permanent group of seasoned obfuscating interlopers that he can direct from the DIAS to perpetuate his passé paradigm.
    Sadly at 75 years old he has yet to retrospectively learn the lesson that true power is that which transcends your own personal agenda, and a true legacy is that which transcends your own ego instead of solidifying your own personal dynasty.
    Hank, it is abundantly clear that your agenda has nothing to do with a personal agenda or extension of your own personal dynasty, but to ensure that there is open and transparent governance for the 57,000 citizens that live in this bedroom community.
    Mayor Green’s flailing of printed material on POG TV at the DAIS that was found on a blog that he has publically indicated he has not read, yet has indicated that he has spoken to his attorney about, concerning the legal ramifications of the bloggers defaming of his public reputation is laughable. I would say it is an empty and desperate threat from the DAIS to try to suppress open governance.
    I have analyzed and introspected the majority of the blogs that pose significant questions about the mayor. For the most part none of them overtly accuse the mayor of anything. Instead, they identify questionable things or subjectively perceived potential improprieties that require a strait answer. Hopefully the mayor will take you up on your honest offer and demonstrate to us that he truly has the constituency’s that elected him best interest in concern before his own.
    Some day, when I am able to shed my anonymity I will hopefully be able to join people like yourself and bring the full force of what I may be able to do to expedite honesty, transparency, and open governance, until then just consider me your trickster.

  • July 25, 2014 at 8:06 am

    Floki, I am honored by your remarks, and it pleases me immensely. Thank you for your confidence in me.

  • July 25, 2014 at 10:52 am

    Hank, Please ask Mayor Green why he hand picked an Assistant Public Works Director with no experience after several qualified internal applicants had applied for the job. Was is because this persons previous employment was with a local paving contractor?


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