We Will be the Highest Taxed County in Florida

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Good afternoon all,
Here is a great message from my good friend Ed Connor.
We would all be most wise in doing our part to keep taxes down throughout Volusia county.

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From: Ed Connor
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Subject: Flagler County
Here is the hammer we’ve been waiting for people!!
Flagler County is lowering millage by five percent which is their rolled back rate. Why aren’t we getting the same consideration in Volusia? Only St. Johns Water Management is going to Rolled back. Ormond is going up 4.1% with the same millage. Port Orange is lowering millage but increasing tax revenue by 3.16%. Deland is also riding the rising property values by increasing revenue about 2.4% even though they are lowering millage, it isn’t enough to achieve rolled back. Schools are increasing millage on top of a 4.5% increase in property values and asking for a renewal of capital improvements from both a sales tax extension and from a renewal of the capital improvements millage in addition to the LRE they say is required by the state.
The County is asking for another hike on top of last years despite the increase in property values averaging 4.5%, they want another 5% on top of that!!!
Last year Jason Davis tried to take credit for the decrease in overall millage by voting to raise County rates just a little less than the School was cutting them. Will he now claim responsibility for the huge increase the Schools are asking for? Highly doubtful.
This is nonsense folks!!! . We will be the highest taxed County in Florida if these rates are approved. Time to get some organized resistance no matter what the excuse. NO MORE TAX HIKES!! PERIOD!!
I will follow the budget hearings and let you know when there is a hearing scheduled. I realize some of you can’t attend, but remember.
Silence is Assent !!
Ed Connor
Volusia Tax Reform
Ormond Beach,FL

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