Did "Mr. Burnette, called for Mr. Noftall’s immediate, public disembowelment" ?

censorLast night, TUE 05 AUG 2014,   Mr. Burnette, called for Mr. Noftall’s immediate, public disembowelment. Sentencing Mr. Noftall without any due process. As was the custom during during the Dark Ages and Inquisition.
Mr. Burnette was shockingly out of order. It was magnified on PogTV.
Frankly, it has a negative, chilling effect, sending a most negative message to citizens who may want to express opinions.
A warning to:

  • citizen participation
  • citizen boards
  • city employees and managers
  • and more …

In addition, Mr. Burnette’s action only amplified some of the findings of the JULY 2013 study by Auburn University, on the CoPO Organizational Climate Survey.
Agree or disagree with Mr. Noftall,  Mr. Burnette’s action was over the top.   Again, sending a very strong message to those who might not agree with him or City Council, that public disembowelment will be one’s outcome.
Mr. Burnette should consider a public apology to all citizens and assure he will not abuse citizens trying to participate.
If not Mr. Burnette, the Council should assure citizens of the same.

Tom [Tommy] Menocal
Port Orange, FL
g: 414.367.4140 – GoogleVoice#

3 thoughts on “Did "Mr. Burnette, called for Mr. Noftall’s immediate, public disembowelment" ?

  • August 6, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    Every time that pompous, puffed out blowhard opens his mouth he is an embarrassment to himself and the taxpayers. Too bad he is running unopposed. He should apologize for his behavior and also ‘fess up as to who wrote that diatribe…it certainly wasn’t him.

  • August 6, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    And yet Mayor Green and others want us to become more involved and join these boards ?

  • August 6, 2014 at 11:26 pm

    Green is running out of team players. They are mostly leaving the sinking ship and heading for other jobs. And so the old guard of team players have been taken out of moth balls and joining the fray. I think of Judith Anderson.


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