"Do you think you are taking on too much of the blame for the city’s problems/resignations?"

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Hi Ted,

I think you slipped out before I could catch you at last night’s meeting. I wanted to get a response from you about Burnette’s motion to remove you from the A&B board.

Do you think you should be removed? Why or why not?

Absolutely not. The first task of a board member as enumerated in the ABAB Ordinance is to “represent the community’s interest”.   I believe I have done that ably and to the best of my ability in bringing to Council’s attention instance after instance of lax internal controls and  incompetent financial mismanagement that have  failed to adequately safeguard taxpayer interests.


Do you think you are taking on too much of the blame for the city’s problems/resignations?

I am not taking it on as much as it is being heaped on me.  The situation here is that Council has failed miserably in holding the Manager responsible for fixing the repeated problems myself and others have been bringing to light.  Their solution being unable or unwilling to address the message is to take it out on the messenger.


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