Is There 4th Amendment Violations by City of Port Orange?


(Sent this morning)

bigBrother2Dear Mayor and City Council,

I just read Ted Noftall’s letter to the News-Journal in which he says he will be turning over many of his personal emails to you. I believe your intent is to then send those emails to your former City Manager, Greg Kisela, or at least read them and decide if they should be given to Mr Kisela.

I have sent emails to Mr Noftall in the past and have always considered them to be private communications between two individuals. The same can be said for any replies from him to me. Now it turns out these may all become public, without my consent, simply because you allege Mr Noftall has not turned over to you certain unspecified records that may or may not be considered City business. Keep in mind that my communications with Mr Noftall have all been via personal email accounts from personal computers and cell phones and have not been about City business of any kind.

This is a serious invasion of my privacy. I do not know what, if any, legal rights I might have in this matter but I will know soon. Please consider this a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act for copies of all emails that Mr Noftall turns over to the City in the same format they are received.

Threats and intimidation have been used by City officials against Mr Noftall in this matter for some time and a new low was embraced by vice-Mayor Don Burnette in his use of hearsay and innuendo at the last regular Council Meeting. I’m afraid now you may have even gone a step further and are threatening not only Mr Noftall but anyone who talks to him. It’s obvious Big Brother doesn’t like it when you don’t talk nice to him.

Most publicly,

Mike Gardner
618 Ruth St
Port Orange, FL 32127

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