Too many crooked irons in the fire?

ironsINfireWhy is Port Orange assisting in the sell-out of a pristine area of NSB east of I-95 IF NSB wanted an interchange at Pioneer Trail they could have supported one at TPO. NSB  did not and Port Orange gladly agreed to carry the water for PCDD and its one shareholder. Mayor Green and Vice Mayor Burnette have too many crooked irons in the fire and both need to be retired as soon as possible.

Palmetto Pal


From: [] On Behalf Of Tomm Friend Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2014 9:34 PM To: Michelle O’Rourke Cc: Wayne Flowers; S C; lorelle friend; Hill, Eric v; TBBakerB Baker; Turnbull Bay Community; Paul Poole; Ted Noftal; Kealey West; Peg Strahman Subject: Re: SERVICE OF COURT DOCUMENT – Case No. 14-3904 I do not accept these as unqualified statements of fact. I do congratulate you on very clever wording and blatant omissions. I have stated that I will be filing additional facts. I am awaiting the results of record requests. There is no established justification for a four lane road in this sensitive area. It certainly is not required by this development. This then implies construction with public tax dollars that is speculation with total disregard for adverse impacts. Pioneer Community Development District was filed with one stockholder. I am not aware of any amendment that would alter this. PCDD filed that it was organized so as to be able to build infrastructure without funding from the local communities. This project is receiving $9.8 million in Volusia County funds which the County Manager announced in the News-Journal was the last of Volusia’s Road building funds. Pioneer CDD in their application for establishment as a separate taxing authority with the right granted by the citizens of Florida to issue Tax-exempt bonds promised not to ask for State funding. Now a matching $9.8 million has been requested for this “Regionally Important Project”. So regionally important that no Development of Regional Impact has ever been filed The Cabinet meeting wherein the PCDD was established spent considerable time reviewing the Kings Highway and its route through this property. Governor Bush was very clear about the need to protect this asset. When PCDD hires a firm to answer Gov Scott’s concerns, no mention is made of the road and we are told they cannot find anything. This speaks to PCDD’s ability to deliver on what they promise. At the Cabinet meeting for the establishment of the PCDD, the point was raised that in all trades or transactions, both sides receive something. It is clear what PCDD received from the Public, but the Governor and the Cabinet were asked “What is the Public receiving?” Tomm Friend

On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 2:39 PM, Michelle O’Rourke <> wrote: Mr. Friend, attached please find a copy of Respondent Pioneer Community Development District’s First Request for Admissions to you. For your information, also attached are copies of Requests for Admissions which have been e-served on the other Petitioners to the case.

Court:                   State of Florida, Division of Administrative Hearings Case Number:   14-3904 Case Style:          Tomm Friend, Derek Lamontagne, Turnbull Community, Inc. and Friends of Spruce Creek Preserve, Inc. vs. Pioneer Community Development District and St. Johns River Water Management District Sent From:          Wayne E. Flowers, Esq. (904) 353-6410 Thank you. Michelle O’Rourke Legal Assistant to Wayne Flowers Jack McWilliams and Brenda Ezell Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A. 245 Riverside Avenue, Suite 150 Jacksonville, Florida 32202 (t) 904.353.6410 (f) 904.353.7619

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