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It definitely looks like Sonya Laney and Larry McKinney have decided on a course of no action at all on the Q&A section of the Candidates Forum on this blog.  Soooooo…………….it’s up to us as readers and posters to fill in the blanks based on what we know about these candidates and their past behavior.  I’ll start with Sonya and what I think her positions are on the various questions:

Sonya Laney’s Answers

1) As regards the FY 2015 budget – do you favor adopting a millage rate equal to the roll-back rate, or either higher or lower than roll-back and if so what would that rate be?

A) I’m with Mayor Green on this one.  He thinks that people who do not favor a tax increase are “not necessarily good citizens,” and since I consider myself a good citizen I’m in favor of a tax increase.  The exact amount of that increase would depend on how much we can add to the budget before the final rate is approved.  As you all know, one of my foremost objectives is to keep everyone happy so we’ll first need to poll the various City departments, the development interests, the Chamber of Commerce, and the assorted engineering and construction firms that make a living off the City of Port Orange and ask them how much money it will take to keep them happy.  Set the millage rate accordingly and it’s done–SIMPLE!

2) If elected will you support a local referendum that would allow voters to revisit the Fluoridation policy of the Port Orange water supply?

A) I’m with Mayor Green on this one.  If we just continue to do what we’ve always done in the past this problem will eventually go away–SIMPLE!

3) If elected will you support or oppose an I-95 interchange at Pioneer Trail?

A) I’m with Mayor Green on this one.  He’s already consulted with Mori Hosseini and they both agree that it will benefit Mori’s Woodhaven development to have the interchange.  What’s good for Mori and the Mayor is good enough for me–SIMPLE!

4) If elected will you support or oppose the expenditure of approximately $1.5 million dollars of renovations to the Cypress Head Golf facility beginning in the spring of 2015?

A) I’m with Mayor Green on this one.  He thinks the Golf Course is just like any other park in Port Orange and should be supported by tax dollars.  After all, if we provide ball fields for kids shouldn’t we provide golf courses for rich old duffers?  Everyone should be happy knowing that golfers sucking down a beer at the “19th hole” are also slurping a little bit of tax money at the same time–SIMPLE!

5) If elected will you support a Charter amendment that would require the Council’s consent in the hiring and dismissal of Department heads?

A) I’m with Mayor Green on this one.  “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is his motto and he doesn’t see anything broken.  The City Manager is in charge of all hiring under our current system and look how well that’s worked out:  Greg Kisela got us Wayne Saunders and Jason Yarborough and Ken Parker got us John Shelley and Roger Smith!  Besides, I have a full-time job running my business, I travel a lot (American Express loves me!) and I have a hard time getting to my current City meetings so I don’t want any more work!  Why change something that is working?–SIMPLE!

6) If elected would you support or oppose the acquisition of offensive surplus military equipment by POPD?

A) I’m with Mayor Green on this one.  If it keeps the Police Department happy, I’m happy, we’re all one big happy family–SIMPLE!  (Do I get to drive the MRAP?)

7) Your position on the Five million dollars in TIF for Buddy LaCour?

A) I’m with Mayor Green on this one.  By Buddy’s own calculations, five million dollars is not enough so we need to bump that amount up to whatever it takes to keep Buddy happy.  Without Buddy, the whole city will decline into a collection of slums broken only by areas of blight and decay.  With Buddy, his three 17-story condos will shine a halo of prosperity over the whole city and everyone will be happy.  Buddy and his wife have been real good to me in my campaign for City Council and I plan to see that he gets his moneys worth–SIMPLE!

8) What can we do to get ourselves out of the reclaimed water mess and FDEP sanctions?

A) I’m with Mayor Green on this one.  What mess?  Everyone is happy–SIMPLE!

9) Your position on raising water and sewer rates?

A) I’m with Mayor Green on this one.  We can fix our metering and reclaimed water problems, but that involves a lot of work, or we can raise rates to cover any shortfalls, and that is pretty simple. Now which one would you choose–SIMPLE!

10) Do you support building a Sports Complex off Route 415?  and funding its long term maintenance costs?

A) Have I mentioned recently that I’m a member of AICPA, FICPA, CGMA, POSDCofC and BBB, that I have a BA, an MA and am a AACSB graduate, or that I’m a CPA and ethical?  Of course I favor new facilities and their maintenance costs, my Dad is Facilities Manager for the City.  Job security–SIMPLE!

11) What is your basic philosophy concerning open and transparent government and the role of citizen activist?

I’m with Mayor Green on this one.  The business of government is best left to those qualified (see my qualifications above) to handle it.  I’m smarter and more ethical than you so you as a citizen can rest easy, and be happy, knowing that you are in good hands with Sonya.  All of the current problems in Port Orange can be traced to activists asking annoying questions and failing to give management the encouragement and support it deserves.  (Rumor has it that these crazed wing-nuts may have even caused the recent failure of the Dunlawton Drainage Project–they were certainly seen wading around in knee-deep water at the scene of the crime.)  So, trust me, any problems you hear about are only minor mistakes and can be cured if we all just think positive and be happy–SIMPLE!

One thought on “FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH

  • September 26, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    When was the last time anyone saw Larry McKinney, and is he still in the Port Orange Council race ?
    I heard that his Mother gave up the lease on the house she was renting and that Larry was using for a City address and that they had all moved back to Georgia.


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