Vehicle break-ins on the rise Port Orange Police Warn Its Residents!!

Lock it or Lose It! If you See Something Say Something!! …. 
Vehicle break-ins on the rise Port Orange Police Warn Its Residents!!
Call 911 Immediately!! Non Emergency Number: (386) 248-1777
Vehicle break-ins have risen recently in neighborhoods and shopping center parking lots. Victims are leaving valuables, such as purses and GPS units in their cars and trucks and leaving the vehicles unlocked. The Port Orange Police urge you and your family members to remove valuables from vehicles and be sure to lock the doors. At the least, secure items in the trunk before you get to your destination in case a prowler is casing the parking lot or your neighborhood.
Remain vigilant, especially when coming and going to your car while shopping. Put bags in the trunk and move your car to a new location if you continue shopping.
Officers are increasing patrols through hard-hit areas, but they ask your help to reduce these crimes of opportunity.
Here are some more tips to prevent vehicle prowls:
1. Park in a garage or secure location when possible.
2. Park in well-lighted, well-traveled areas; avoid isolated areas.
3. Roll up windows and LOCK YOUR DOORS.
4. Secure any trunk, hatch, canopy or bed-mounted tool box.
5. Call 9-1-1 if you hear something suspicious or see someone looking into vehicles.
6. Install vehicle alarm.
7. Take Valuables with you!!!

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