Dunlawton Drainage Project

Dear Manager Harden,
It appears that you and the Council are very close to “owning” the mistakes of Quentin L Hampton Associates.  It was pretty apparent at last week’s Flood Workshop that no one at the Big Table, except Mayor Green, knew anything about the berm deletion, nonexistent accounting records or decision to keep Council in the dark regarding important change orders.  Yet……………you seem willing to put your own reputations on the line covering for those who work for you.
This seems to extend even to accepting obvious lies without complaint.  I’m referring, of course to Mr Giannini’s and Mr Blais’s explanation of why the berm was shortened from over 1500 lf to approximately 810 lf.  At the Flood Workshop they clearly stated that the elevation of the land north of the 90-degree bend in the canal was HIGHER than the berm itself so there was no reason to extend it past the bend.  In their previous letter to Mr Harden, however, they just as clearly stated that the land north of the 90-degree bend was LOWER than the berm so the shortened berm could be eliminated with no adverse effect on the project.
It can’t be both.  I strongly urge you all to quit accepting the notion that truth and good engineering are moving targets that can never quite be pinned down.  QLH has been making strong statements about the ability of this project to keep Dunlawton Avenue passable in 25- and 100-year storms since early 2010.  Now that over $3 million has been fed through the QLH Money Grinder, we are told by Mr Giannini and Mr Blais that “it is what it is” and the City can look into building a berm “if it wants to.”  I suggest you instruct QLH to look into their Errors and Omissions Insurance to find a berm.
For anyone who reads this email and was not at the Flood Workshop, the video of that Workshop can be found on the City website under Special City Council Meetings for November 19, 2014    https://www.port-orange.org/meetings/?p=view&video=112529717&
The elevation “explanation” for the berm shortening begins around 56:45 into the video.  A copy of the letter to Mr Harden regarding the berm elimination is attached.
Mike Gardner
618 Ruth St
Port Orange, FL  32127


To Mike Gardner from Hank Springer,
Mike , I read your e mail to the city manager.  I agree with your observations about the Berm Issue but I think the City Manager’s responsibility at this time is to report the facts, and that he has been excellently doing.  Mr. Harden was not on scene when this thing went down and I do not think it his reputation that is on line. Perhaps I am missing something in this matter, but it seems to me that the reputation of Mayor Green, Greg Kisela and QLH should be called into question.
Unless I am missing something, it seems to me that the city council should be the ones who should complain about being not informed of the issue in a way which surely cries out to be interpreted as deceiving.
It is time to hear the city council decry the wool being pulled over their eyes and it is time to hear some answers from the construction mayor. If the city council does not start on this issue putting public accountability where it belongs then when will it start? —– After the mayor is gone and not in the unique position he now has to defend himself?
Greg Kisela after he left his position to go to another city came back to Port Orange to settle some old scores.
It would not be inappropriate for the city council to send him a public letter asking him to explain why he had been implicit in the deceitful  maneuvering  of the berm issue in the change order.
Mike I will be posting your e mail and my comments on my web site.
From Hank Springer
386 852 3178

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