Information withheld from Port Orange City Council

politicansTo City Council
From Hank Springer
Subject: Information withheld from Port Orange City Council
Posted 211 pm
12 17 14
1.  The lack of communication to the city council about the removal of the berm when it was happening is absolutely deplorable and not to be accepted by the citizens of Port Orange if we intend to live in a Democracy.
2.  I put to you that the rights of citizens to partake in their local government have been violated on several occasions. If you need me to enumerate just ask and I will do so.
3.  If important information is not relayed to the city council members then such information is being withheld from their citizen constituents.
4.  This should not stand and it is your responsibility as representatives of the people to change the secrecy involved in some Port Orange City activities.
5.  The secrecy involved in the incidents I know about has been manipulated by the sitting mayor of Port Orange, Allen Green. If you need me to enumerate the items the Mayor knew about and saw no need to communicate to his “team”, the city council, just ask me.
wellgetBack6.  The secretive maneuverings by Mayor Allen Green should no longer be tolerated by city council members and citizens.
7.  I am calling on you to change the attitude of the team leader, or be implicit in his secret dealings. If you want to know what incidents I am alluding to, just ask me.

  • 8.  Start immediately, and find out actually why the berm issue was not presented to you while it was happening.
  • A. why did the project engineer resist eliminating the berm, and why did he relent?
  • B. Find out what the property owner knew about her issue with the berm and whom she had communication with?

9.  Already there is one city councilman who had espoused transparency but now remains silent on a meeting that he was not invited to attend as chairman of its board.
10 . In my opinion, the influence Mayor Green has on secrecy from the city council and the public can no longer stand. If you need me to enumerate, just ask me. You all know about what I am talking about, but if it is necessary to repeat them for history, I am prepared to do that.
11.  Some of you have been complicit in putting a “bad citizen” in his place for calling a city employee a derogatory name. All well and good and now it is necessary to stop all this secrecy communication by asking that ill named employee whom he corresponded with when opposing and relenting about the berm issue.
12.  Besides deceiving the city council, citizens, it seems to me that someone on the city council must have decided to deceive the funding agencies. If not, QLH needs to be brought into some court of law.
13.  Enough is enough, even for a dumb witted blogger like me.
Sincerely – hank springer
From Hank Springer
386 852 3178


Mayor Green’s Attitude


One thought on “Information withheld from Port Orange City Council

  • December 18, 2014 at 10:42 am

    So, who will have the gonads to confront the Mayor on the record and call for his ouster ?


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