Performance Bond Received from Halifax Paving

dirtTruckGood morning City Attorney and Manager, I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Christmas.
On July 17th 2014 the City Attorney explained to Council what the  encompassed, and how it was to be administered, noting that it covered all aspects of this contract, including current obligations, AND past performance and payment obligations.
On December 2nd 2014 the City Manager explained to Council that there was still a considerable amount of work remaining to be done with the reclaimed lakes and despite having met with Halifax Paving they had not responded as to how or when this work was to be finished.
In light of those comments which I have attached for your convenience, And in light of the December 31st 2014 hard deadline that is rapidly approaching would it be possible to get an update as regards Halifax Paving’s performance to date, relative to ‘all aspects of this contract ‘ , AND whether the decision to either call or release this bond will be brought back for Council approval, And if so on what date.
I am also interested in hearing what steps have been taken to determine a close approximation as to how much taxpayer fill dirt was removed from this site for area contractor benefit AS taxpayers certainly have not benefited from this or other shenanigans that Mayor Green specializes in having them finance.
Ted Noftall
for responsible government – 2016

2 thoughts on “Performance Bond Received from Halifax Paving

  • December 27, 2014 at 4:08 am

    Ted–Welcome back! Manager Harden was very specific at the December 2, 2014 meeting about what Halifax Paving still needs to do at the Reclaim Lakes. 200,000 cubic yards of dirt that still needs to go–that’s $700,000 at the going rate of exchange! Road work and “end of contract obligations”–a quick guesstimate based on previous Quentin Hampton and Public Utilities synopses puts this at another $100,000. They’re running through their $1,050,000 bond pretty quick at that rate!
    Of course the real shame is that the lakes should have been finished years ago. Would the City have been able to avoid pumping effluent to the Halifax last year if the lakes had been operating at full capacity? Would we have been able to avoid the FDEP fines and Consent Order we are now operating under? Are we now rushing to spend another $2.4 million at the Lakes to satisfy the Consent Order because “Quentin L Hampton and staff recommended” for years that we let Halifax Paving slide on their obligations?
    Anyone taking bets as to whether we let them slide again?

    • December 27, 2014 at 6:02 am

      As long as Mayor Wiley Coyote is on board….they’ll slide.


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