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Stop the Funny Bussines in Port Orange

Ted Noftall
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to Henry, me, Bob, don, Drew, Scott
On Jan 11th 2014 Council held an all day Visioning / Goals work shop out of which came a 10 page report. That report scored Council’s priorities on a scale of 0 to 4.
Three pages of that report are attached at Item 12 on next Tuesday’s agenda.
I have attached Page 9 from that report and would draw your attention to the Other Objectives under Parks and Recreation and specifically to renovation and redevelopment of the golf course which garnished a 1 on Council’s priority scale. AND NOW less than a year later a $ 1.6 million renovation requiring a 6 month golf course closure beginning this spring is an assumed event Absent any hard vote of Council and Absent any due diligence analysis what-so-ever.
How did this come to be ? Did the roof blow off the club house, or did several of the greens sink into the sea ?? What happened such that this rushed decision is now at the top of the priority list ???
We know the Mayor held a secret meeting that was unknown to either Council or the Golf Board in June 2014 between himself, Kisela, a City Plans examiner, a local businessman and Kemper out at the Golf Course where the renovations were decided upon. We know Kisela subsequently instructed his staff and Kemper to made preparations for a spring 2015 golf course closing ABSENT any analysis or hard vote of Council.
We suspect the Mayor ordered him to do. Whether others on Council sustained that order in secret meetings with Kisela we do not know as they have never said, BUT it is common for managers to always count to three, AND we know no one on Council rebuked the Mayor for his secret proceedings.
What has happened here and why ??
This secret rushed manner in which this decision has and is proceeding – absent any due diligence analysis, absent full accounting disclosure, absent a hard vote of Council, and absent even knowing Kemper’s soft costs, IS AN in your face reminder of just how irresponsible Port Orange government operations have become.
The hard working taxpayers of Port Orange deserve so much better.
Ted Noftall
for responsible government – 2016
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