"… an attack on my personal character …" ?

sonya (1)Good morning Mr. Harden!
On or around Dec. 27th – Dec. 29th of 2014, I noted that within the confines of the City Manager emails were several discussions between Mr. Ted Noftall and Mrs. Dianne Templeton Gardner concerning an event that occurred at my home, which was a police matter, on Christmas morning. This is an ongoing and active case of a very serious nature.
Within the confines of the emails were an attack on my personal character , suggestions that I have violated some form of ethics and have discredited or done something to deter the health of the City of Port Orange.
I do believe Mrs. Gardner is a member of several of your Boards. Therefore, I formally request that Mrs. Gardner (your City appointed official) to produce evidential matter that specifically indicates where I have violated any professional ethics, laws, due standards of care, and the like. I demand Mrs. Gardner present evidential matter which indicates I have cost the City of Port Orange an amount that exceeds $1 for any lawsuits, vendor contracts, harassments, employment harassment/legal issues, and the like as a result of my tenure as volunteer on any and or all of your Boards (her suggestion that council would not be able to function had I been elected).
I humbly request this information from your office, as she is your Board member, and took it upon herself to use City/taxpayer property (notice she CC’d a Council member) to express her opinions and there appears to be, as of today’s date, absolutely no action of the City’s part to admonish your board member for the same. I do believe that these actions are well outside her scope of service to the City of Port Orange, hence my request.
If Mrs. Gardner cannot present such information, and she will not be able to, then I formally request from your office what remedial action you will take to rectify this situation and I would like that presented in a public forum.
In the email exchange, Mr. Noftall and Mrs. Gardner also touched on Mr. Noftall’s Sunshine Law violation. You will note if reviewing City documents, that Mr. Noftall as well as other participating person(s) were under no circumstances formally and publicly disciplined for their complete lack of regard for the Sunshine Law despite repeated training provided. Instead, the Audit and Budget Advisory Board was simply “placed on hold”. Evidential matter, quite specific and clear was submitted to the City of Port Orange yet no action was taken against Mr. Noftall. I would like to know why volunteers such as myself, can be harassed repeatedly through taxpayer’s property, and as a result I comply with requests, I follow instructions and training, and yet Mr. Noftall is requested to perform, respond or comply and is not required to do so? I feel that the City provided Mr. Noftall a special privilege that was not afforded to anyone else during his tenure, and I would like to know why.
City property is used to harass, vilify and generally waste taxpayer dollars and this complete waste of resources seems to continue repeatedly for what reason, I am unsure. However when your Board members or Public officials elect to use it for their own personal agendas, I would like an explanation as to why it is allowed to occur as well.
In closing, the matter at hand is the fact that I am looking to the City of Port Orange to provide an immediate response, the requested documents from your Board member and intended resolution to the issues above.
Thank you!
Sonya Laney

5 thoughts on “"… an attack on my personal character …" ?

  • January 9, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    In order to attack Sonya’s personal character wouldn’t she need a good personal character to begin with ?

  • January 9, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    Give them Hell Sonya

  • January 9, 2015 at 5:41 pm

    Seriously? Sonya has no problem dishing the dirt but she sure as hell can’t take it!

  • January 11, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    I believe that Dianne Gardner is protected by the first amendment. That is all!

  • January 12, 2015 at 7:51 am

    I don’t think enough people appreciate just how frustrating it must be being Mrs. Sonya Laney. Here she is the smartest most ethical CPA in the country who just so happens to be a married woman with a live in boyfriend.
    She and her accomplice Burnette tried to take a bite out of Ted last year with their Chamber concocted ‘sunshine violation evidence’ only to be rebuked by the City Attorney, Council and the States Attorney, and she is still whining about that rebuke – this time to Council’s interim employee.
    Now Mrs. Laney is calling for Dianne Gardner’s removal from one or more volunteer boards because in her opinion Dianne disparaged her personal character by quoting a police report and reminding people of Mrs. Laney’s own words.
    If Mrs. Laney continues to peruse her request for Mrs.Gardner’s censure then Mrs. Gardner should make a similar demand for her censure and the public hearing and the defenses provided there in that would be required for anyone’s censure should give Port Orange residents ample evidence to decide who if anyone needs censuring.
    Your Move Sonya !


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