Taxpayer-funded renovations to Port Orange golf course now…


EyewitnessNews9PORT ORANGE, Fla. — A Volusia County golf course that could cost taxpayers more than $1 million to renovate could have more problems than leaders initially expected.
Channel 9’s Blaine Tolison learned a state inspection found significant violations, including some inside the golf course restaurant.
Port Orange is facing tough questions about whether to keep the private managers of its public golf course now that the company failed to mention a 2014 state health inspection.
The inspection found several violations, including animal droppings and dead roaches in the golf course restaurant, something the company’s own evaluations had reviewed and reported as good.
“Will the city continue using them?” asked Tolison.
“Certainly we will ask them to address the problem, and we’ll see what kind of response we get,” said city spokesman David Harden.
At Cypress Head, an employee agreed to speak with Channel 9 but then backed out of the interview.
The golf club did hire a pest control company and took other actions to comply with state standards.
Between a poor health inspection and the results of that inspection not being shared with city leaders, some residents are questioning the transparency of the facility and whether it should get $1.6 million from taxpayers for a renovation.
“We should have heightened concern that if they have withheld this information, what else are they withholding from us?” said Ted Noftall of Citizens for a Better Port Orange.
The city has budgeted for the renovation, but it has not been given final approval.
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